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Manhurin Walther

I have a chance to buy a Manhurin Walther PPK/S at a reasonable price. The seller claims it was made under contract (in France) with Walther and is the same quality, just like the current S and W Walthers.

Any information the group would be willing to provide?


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Old 07-05-2002, 12:02 PM   #2
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Hello. I could sure be wrong, but it's my understanding that after WWII, Germany was not allowed to produce pistols, but could have them made elsewhere. Manuhrin made the "German" post-WWII" Walthers, but they were assembled or final inspected in Germany, so they could say "Made in Germany." Again, I could be wrong on this.

Below is a picture of 2 Walther PPs. The top one is a .32 that's well-used, but a heck of a little popper for the tackle box and such. One of its stocks says, "Walther," while the other has "Manuhrin" on it!

The lower pistol is a "German" Walther PP in .380 ACP that I bought several years ago, NIB. The stocks are aftermarket, SILE, I THINK.

Elegant little things, but the .380 hits high for me and I don't remember the last time I shot it.


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I owned a Manurhin "Walther" in 32 ACP some time back. Well made, cleanly machined and everything (good and bad) that you would expect from a Walther PP. If you're looking for a PP, this might be your best bang for the buck, since most people aren't aware that Manurhins are 'real' walthers and the price drops accordingly.


Old 07-14-2002, 09:48 AM   #4
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The French made Walthers are in every detail as good as the German Ulm produced guns, some would say even better.

The early ones have MANHURIN stamped on the slide, whilst the later versions, that have been inspected in Germany have the full Walther banner on them.

The early Manhurin guns are worth more than the German stamped counter parts, but that is the only difference.
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Manhurin PPK

Weren't some of the later Manuhrin PPK's made with a light-weight alloy frame; or am I thinking of something else?
Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity
garrity's Gunleather
Old 07-17-2002, 11:07 AM   #6
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I'm not familiar with any L/W Manhurins, though there certainly may have been some.
There have been a large number of FEGs imported recently, many two-tone alloy and blue, that strongly resemble Walthers.

Old 07-31-2002, 08:27 PM   #7
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Thanks for your help! I bought it and it clearly has Manhurin stamped on the slide. The seller thought is was made in the early 1980's.

Shoots really well, though it hurts a bit!

Old 08-01-2002, 02:29 PM   #8
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Your Manhurin was probably made during the Walther-Manhurin "war" of the mid 80's.
Walther's contract with Manhurin had expired and Walther had moved production to the USA.
Manhurin decided to offer their own PPK/s guns with their own markings on the slide.
For about a year there was an ad "war" in the gun magazines, Walther claiming "Our Walther's are the only genuine PPK" and Manhurin claiming "We've been the only producer of PPK's for years, and we have the best quality and price".

Intesteringly, my Manhurin .22LR PPK/s was packed in the exact same box as my Walther, with only the paper end label being different. The Manhurin manual was the exact same manual as the Walther, with the words Walther airbrushed off the photos of the guns and replaced with Manhurin markings.
Old 10-15-2002, 03:55 PM   #9
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Lets clear up the Manhurin/Walther stories. I have in my collection a letter from the President of Manhurin that appeared in Swat Magazine in the early 1980's. This is a summary of what it said:

Walther has produced no I repeat no PP series of pistols since WWII. Everyone of them was manufactured in France and then sent to Germany where they were blued and proof fired and then stamped made in Germany. If your post war Walther PP series says made in Germany it was not. It was made in France by Manhurin.

Later the Walther banner trademark was given to Interarms which had the guns made in the U.S.A. Quality control problems plagued the entire production run of this American made pistol.

It is my understanding that Smith & Wesson is now making or soon will be making the Walther PP series again. But like all companies there was a mad rush to cheapen an otherwise quality pistol. A gun dealer told me that they will have cut springs not formed springs and that the internals will be made of the dreaded MIM castings. If you are lucky enough to have one of the Manhurin made Walthers hang on to it. They are first class high quality weapons that will never made again.

My own personal Walther PPk's was one of the last Manhurin guns made and it is super reliable and super accurate and has super workmanship.
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You have a real keeper there and one that is also a Curio & Relic. All of the Manhurin produced Walther PP and PPKs in all calibers qualify as C&R which is nice.

On the subject of the S&W produced PPKs, I'm actually very excited about them. I have always had a problem with the PP and PPK because they slice up the webbing of my hand. Fortunately, S&W has extended the beavertail and improved the ramp geometry for greater reliability.

Those who knock MIM parts simply don't understand all that much about how pistols are made. The advantages to MIM parts are that they are far more consistent than the machined ones. In addition, the process assure beter internal consistency and more precise fabrication.

Keep us posted on how your PPK does for you. Looking forward to seeing some pictures and a range report.

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