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Question for those getting the new Kimbers

Do you customize it or leave it stock for the collector value? Frontstap work, Ed Brown Grip Safety, replacing MIM parts are just a few possibilities, but these "mods" will probably decrease the value as a collector piece. Any opinions on this topic? Just a theoretical discussion.
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I doubt many Kimbers will be collector pieces. Some maybe. These guns are shooters from what I see. I am getting rid of all my II series Kimbers. I just don't trust the firing pin safety on this one. I'll keep my series I guns.
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At least right now, Kimbers seem to have zero collector's value, even older ones and ones made in small numbers. If you want resale value, get a Colt. :P

As for value... depends on who does the work. Swensons didn't loose value because he cut up that Series 70. 8)
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I already have the Colt, hence my need to "expand" my collection a bit I did quite a bit of work to the Colt b/c when I got it used, it was about 95%. Not collector grade, so I made it a shooter. I want the Kimber b/c I bet it will outshoot the Colt. Colt still needs a match barrel/bushing and trigger work, so it's gonna be interesting to see which is better. One thing is for sure, the Colt is 100% reliable. No jams in over 500 rds. My other Kimber cannot make that claim. I'm sending in the deposit tomorrow for the Kimber. Hope I'm not too late.
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I doubt the Kimbers or DW Razorbacks will ever be big collectors. I have a pre II 10mm and it's been perfect after adjusting the extractor. @ $700, I might give one a try but would rather reem an oldie. 8)

I'd never pay big money for a Colt but others seem to. :roll:

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