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10mm rifle

Right now I'm pricing the 10mm in the Flattop A3 version from Olympic Arms. They will probably get back to me sometime after the 4th of July. I will probably have to try Mech Tech CCU in 10mm first though, I have 3 magazines for the 1911 in 10mm but if it doesn't shoot right I'll have to save up for the A3 Flattop version. I had some trouble with the Glock 20 that I bought. I had the 3 1/2 pound trigger installed and had to take it back 3 times before they got it fixed and then the long trigger pull and the warning in the owners manual, "Do not expose to direct sunlight" made me decide to sell it.
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Post Topic

I contacted Olympic and the standard 10mm AR rifle starts at $895.00. I will start saving but it will take some time. Extra Magazines are $55.00 if I read all this right so the rifle I want if I have to buy the AR in 10mm is the flattop with out front or rear sights, a 3 or 4 lb trigger and at least 4 magazines. I believe it will cost well over $1000.00.

If anyone out there knows of a less expensive 10mm rifle, or something easy to convert, let me know.
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I have a G20, Colt Delta Elite and a 18.5" 10mm barrel for my T/C Contender carbine. The rifle is a lot of fun to shoot.

Here is a velocity comparison with different length barrels.

With Mike Mcnett load data, average velocities are........

135gr Nosler HP......

Stock 4.6" G20 1650fps

6" Barsto barrel Colt Delta Elite 1850fps

18.5" T/C Contender 2070fps

200gr Hornady XTP........

4.6" G20 1175fps

6" Colt DE 1300fps

18.5" T/C 1402fps
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10mm rifle

Camp Cook
Thanks for the information on loads and velocities. I've about decided to sell my S&W Model 41 with both 5.5" and 7 3/8" barrels with 4 mags and my Herters 44 mag so that I can buy the Olympic K10. I want the Flattop version with the 16" barrel and I was told it would cost me $985.00 so I have to sell a couple of guns. I really hate to sell 2 to get one, both are like new but I guess I'll have to. Now all I have to do is find buyer before the price of the K10 Olympic goes up. I won't sell any of my 10mms to get the rifle though.
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Maybe you've already seen it, but have you checked out NordicGK3's AR 10mm set-up?

IIRC, it's an early Olympic Arms gun and he's got pics of it posted on his website:

He obtained stick mags for it way back when they were still reasonably priced, but they were .41AE mags from IMI (about the same COAL of the .40S&W), so he had them modified to reliably hold and feed the longer 10mm cartridge. Nordic says with the modification his mags work fine.

The AR system is a slick set-up for the definitive "10mm carbine." The flat-top model lends itself to easier aftermarket customizing from the standpoint of optics and BUIS. Hand guards, rail systems and grips should also swap in/out the same as any other AR.

But the problem on any "10mm carbine" will ALWAYS be the mags - unless it's a lever action 10mm carbine, like a 16" barrelled Marlin or Winchester.

With autoloaders, like the ARs, you're going to need reliable, affordable "hi-cap" mags (i.e. holding 25-30rds), specifically tailored to the COAL specs of the 10mm cartridge.

IIRC, the .41AE mags are now hard to get, so OA converts some other caliber mag, such as .45acp stick mags from Thompson - and they're pricey.

Personally, lever-actions aside, I'd want a "10mm carbine" built on the AR pattern, but until the mag issue gets worked out, I'll continue to save my $$$. Ditto on a semi-auto 10mm HK- or MP5-type knock-off. Show me working 25-30rd mags first and the price tag, please.
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10mm rifle or carbine

I checked with Olympic Arms and this is what they sent me.

"I want to buy an Olympic AR in 10mm with the Flattop, (No handle or front or rear sights), with 1" rings and the lightest trigger that you sell. I would also like to find the price of the 10mm magazines. I would like the 16" barrel in a light weight configuration with out a flash hider.
Is all this possible?
I'd like one of you catalogs, I'm saving for one of you rifles in 10mm.
Thank you,
Dirl Grainger

This package will run 989.00.S/H is 20.00. You will need to go through a dealer for this.He may order direct.Thanks Jared."

I also found that the mags were $65.00 each, converted Uzi magazines.

I haven't listed the Model 41 S&W with both barrels/slides and my Herters 44 mag yet, I've been trying to sell other things, not gun/rifles. I really hate to part with any firearm to buy another but I'll probably have to this coming week. I checked the site and it's very good, I've been there before but it has more there now. Thanks for the help!
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D-Max made a 10mm carbine in the late 80's. It had a full length perforated shroud like a 1919 Browning and the magazine came out the side like a Sten.

I have an M1 Carbine in 10mm MAGNUM....the longer one, but I had to make that myself.

Tony Rumore
Tromix Corp
Old 12-17-2005, 06:09 PM   #18
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10mm rifle

I bought the Olympic Arms K10 finally. I had to send it back as they sent it to me in 40 S&W and have corrected that. I haven't been able to do more than check to make sure it is 10mm so far but I will sight it in next week. I was able to get it in the flattop version with the front sight assembly and I bought the carry handle in case I want to shoot open sights. It was expensive, $1258.00 so far after getting all the extras I wanted but if it's as accurate as it should be I'll be happy. The magazines are $65.00 each and I bought 3, they are converted UZI magazines.

An M1 Carbine in 10mm would be very nice, where can I get one of those?
Old 12-18-2005, 05:55 PM   #19
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Thanks for the update on your 10mm AR from OA.

Please give us a Range Report when you've had the chance to wring it out with different 10mm ammo, especially the full-power stuff from DT or Texas Ammo.

Also, let us know how the converted UZI mags worked. Good luck on your project.
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10mm rifle

At 75 yards I was able to put 5 rounds into the center of the bullseye so it looks like 4 shots. I was amazed at the accuracy with that rifle but the ammo is always the same load. I worked it up myself in the early 90s. 180 grain Gold Dot, CCI300 primers, 11.2 grains of AA7 using first Midway then Starline brass. I hate factory ammo and have never trusted any of it. They load for velocity, I load for accuracy and stopping power. This load I have used in all my 1006s, 1066, Parker 10mm, 610 and 1911s, it's accurate in all of them. I don't use or trust factory ammo when my load is everything I want. Sorry but I'll use the load that has always worked for me. A friend got his Bear this year with my load using his Dan Wesson.

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