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Has anybody ever removed the magazine safety on Smith 10s?

Has anybody ever removed the magazine safety on Smith & Wesson 10mm autos?

Does the operation affect reliability? Will S&W "re-mark" a slide to indicate "Caution: Pistol fires with magazine removed"?

What's involved with the removal? How does that mechanism work?

I realize the removal probably voids all warranties -- but will Smith do the conversion -- and make all appropriate changes in their records -- and add the fore-mentioned warning in plain view on the gun?

'Preciate your comments!
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Safety on S&W

I bought one of my 1006s and the magazine safety had been removed. I contacted the seller, a dealer, and he said he had never tested it. I sent it back to S&W, told them how I came to have it and the problem and then asked S&W to check the 1006 for any other problems and they did. I don't know what they replaced or fixed but it works extremely well since it was returned to me at NO CHARGE. I can't say enough nice things about S&W repair. I'm really disapointed that they have given up making the 10mm in the 3rd generation series and the revolver. I have the 1006s and a 610 and they are very rugged and dependable handguns.
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Smith mag safety


Did Smith replace your mag safety -- or will it still fire without the magazine?

I've always felt they should have make the option available to the customer -- the way they do to police departments.

Heck, I'd have even bought two slides -- one "normal" slide and one that said "gun fires without mag" -- if it was a fairly easy change-out.

In some situations, I like the mag safety -- in others, I don't.

It would be nice to be able to change it out myself -- and switch slides.

As a civilian, nobody's going to "snatch" my gun. If somehow you accidentally dump the mag on a gun with a mag safety, you're Manure Out of Luck :lol: in an OK Corral situation.

If you change mags and don't seat it fully, the gun is inoperative -- with a mag safety.

That's always been my biggest gripe about the gun --especially for boar, mountain lion -- or BBB (Black Bear Backup).

(Is it probably needlessly Felix Unger AR? Probably. But just probably!)

Does anybody understand how the mag safety works? Is it tied to the slide -- or is it down the the base of the gun?
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Hello. I think it's under the rear sight.


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It has no marks saying "gun fires without mag" or any other marks or words that my other 1006s have. I think it was done by the owner and traded in cheap. It only cost me $325.00 and it had some brown stuff on the slide, probably from being carried in the holster. It took some time to remove. I does not fire with the magazine out now. I asked S&W to leave the light trigger in place, it's about 2 lb 10 oz. The gun shoots very well and has never failed to fire my loads. I reload all my 10mm ammo, it's to expensive to do any other way for me.

The idea I liked the most was the decocking safety on the slide while loaded. Even double action the trigger is smooth and easy to pull. I like a hammer on the 1006, that may be another reason I didn't care for the Glock 20 I bought. The Glock was accurate also but I only use double action when hurried and I liked the short light single action trigger on the 1006.
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There is a little white plastic plunger under the rear sight with a spring. You can see it from the underside of the slide but to remove it you must remove the rear sight.
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10mm is right:
There is a spring-loaded plunger under the rear sight. It pushes the ejector down which disengages the sear unless a magazine in place which prevents this process. I have a 1026 with no mag safety from the factory with coresponding factory markings. The hole is there in the slide, but the spring and plunger are not. Remove these from your gun and you should be in business with the disclaimer that you have removed a factory-installed safety feature. Mine is an LE version without this feature and is marked accordingly so I don't have to worry. Make sure you have your ducks in a row if you want to start changing safety configurations on a self-defense pistol. I don't own any pistols with mag safeties and prefer not to. If I pull, it should go BANG!

-Lee E. Murphy III
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Wow a long dead thread revived.

I have a 1006 myself and removed the mag safety, it drove me nuts. I don't plan on getting rid of the pistol ever, but I still have the parts just in case.

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