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my g20 is a blast to shoot, literally . i disliked the factory grip, sent it to dane burns and had the grip reduced. it kicks :lol: with hot rounds, double tap ammo, but controlable with a little elbow grease. i have mine outfitted with the m3 lite and laser, so stay out of my way :lol:
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I have been carrying my S&W 10s lately giving my 45s a rest and have realy come to appreciate this cartridge. In the heavy Smiths (1006/1076), recoil is no worse than a 9mm+p and the guns are totally controllable and extremely accurate out to 50 yards (haven't gone beyond, yet). The Double Tap loads are awesome and I use the 135 with Nosler JHP as my daily carry. It' amazing the looks I get at the range when I set one off, have even offered others the chance to shoot it and they look at me like I have three heads. I think it's the noise that scares them as it is loud!! Definitely becoming my favorite as my area is loaded with cougar and black bear and I feel confident with the 10 on my hip. Couldn't say that with a 45!
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Re: For the naysayers of the 10mm as a defense cartridge!

1006 stoked with DT 180gr Gold Dots on my hip (Full time LEO). The next best thing to my favorite revolver caliber (.41 mag). I do get some questions from civi's and fellow LEO's alike. Many, if not most have never heard of a 10mm. I sometimes call it a .40 magnum just to jack with the uninformed masses.
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Old thread....

If I had shot a 10MM before I bought my 45's, I'd have never bought a 45. LOVE the Colt Delta Elite (mine is a 1988, 2cn year-first gen blued model). Have had mine about a year and a and other things have really kept me from getting it up and running properly. Bought it used and it was a little more "worn out" than first thought. Bbl bushing was extremely loose in both fitting to bbl and frame. New oversized EGW bushing tightened up the groups, but sights are now off about 1' to the left at 30-40'. 'smith bumped them a little and it's closer, but still getting it zero'd in. Previous owner had upped the mainspring to what feels (when thumb cocking) to a #30 mainspring. I run #25's in my +P setup 1911's and this one is WAAAY heavier. Trigger is over 6#'s (via the gunsmith testing it) and gritty.

It WILL eventually make it to be my carry gun, but right now it does HD duty out in the garage (small Gunvault cable locked to my bench).

Currently have 165, 170 and 180 JHP factory loads for self defense, but am interested in the 135's. Have heard (read stories) of the Hornady 180 XTP's of having over penetration issues on 2-legged critters.....thus my switch to lower wgt jhp's as SD carry loads. Tracy

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