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FLGR recommended in a Delta Elite?

After reading many previous posts, there seems to be mixed opinions about using a full length guide rod in a Delta Elite. What is the general consensus? Would you recommend using a FLGR in an DE, or would a standard short guide rod be okay. I know in a .45 1911, I prefer a short guide rod. However, with the higher pressures of the 10mm, I don't want to risk damaging the gun or affecting reliability. I plan to use a 20# Wolff variable spring. By the way, the DE I have still has the original plastic guide rod/duel spring set up.
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I prefer a full length rod in my Delta since I'm using heavier springs and the slide velocity is pretty fast. For reduced loads, an 18 or 20 pound spring works very well. For full power loads a 22 pound spring works nicely. I prefer standard rate springs and a CP Bullets shock buffer. If you install an EGW flat bottom firing pin stop combined with a 23 pound mainspring, you can drop the recoil spring rates down by about 2 pounds. By the way, the Colt dual coil system basically makes it a variable spring, compressed weight was 23 pounds.
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I go the opposite way from Standds....I don't care for them at all. I have to suffer with the
one in my Delta Elite because of the Carry-Comp design, but on a normal model 10mm (or
any other caliber, for that matter...) give me a good variable rate spring and a Heitt Technolgies
Red Buff and a Goverment model recoil system.
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On the Fence

I was becoming a "Non'FLGR" supporter, but recently dropped one into my Delta. I actually found a Delta in Stainless that I bought since it was in very good condition overall and had all the original papers and box. The Stainless Delta had a FLGR in it and aftermarket grips. I swapped the FLGR and grips with my Blued Delta, since it was without a box and in overall "good" condition. After dropping in a SS barrel Bushing I had in my parts bin, I took the blue Delta out to the range. I was very impressed with the improvement in its performance. I know most of the credit goes to the tighter barrel bushing, but I'm going to stick with the set-up. Would like to evantually have a match barrel fitted to it, at which time I'll probably remove the FLGR.

Overall, I'm not sold either way on the FLGR, but I do like the additional versatility without one, namely one-handed cocking.
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I use a s/s full length guide rod in my Blued D/E that I bought new in 1987 with a 24lbs Wolff recoil spring and a shock buffer.
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Old thread....

I used to be a FLGR guy, but no more. I still have some in my 45 1911's, but have switched to Sprinco Recoil Reducing guide rods in all my guns (mine are setup for +P's, so the 10mm was the next step up).

Sprinco USA, Recoil Reducers

I have the short (#11259) in my Delta and wish I had shorts in all my guns. Tracy
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Thank you for the information. The 10mm are one of my favorite cartridges
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FL guide rods

I don't think they hurt or help. From a strict reliability standpoint they can render your gun useless. In the event of a locked up slide ( round won't completely chamber or eject) you are screwed with a FL ROD. With a Browning original type you can press the slide against a hard object and clear the jam. With a FL rod you better have another gun or hope you can call a time out. I also like being able to perform a " press check" to verify a loaded chamber.
Every top gunsmith will tell you the original setup is 100% reliable. And many will not use a FL rod in a defensive pistol. I believe Novack is one builder that does not use them in carry guns ever.

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