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I qualified with my Glock as an Armed Security Professional!

I outshot:

A retired Customs Agent from Honolulu, (who had also served 15 years on the Honolulu P.D..

A retired Portland Police Bureau Motorcycle Patrol Officer (with thirty years of service).

Last, but not least, a 38-year-old Sergeant that was just "mustered out" 24 hours earlier. He had been working as an Army MP in Baghdad!

All three of them were shooting compact Glocks chambered either for the 9mm Parabellum, or the .40 Smith and Wesson. Oh, they got their shots of a bit more quickly than I did. As we all know, where the bullets go, are what really counts!

Keep them in the black,


This should "lay to rest" the notion that the 10mm Automatic Pistol Cartridge is "too difficult to control" in a combat situation.

I am living proof of the fact!

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Nice Job!

I, too, am a full-time rent-a-cop and have outshot many pros with my 10mms. I even took a wild boar on the run with my G29 that I carry daily at work. A buddy who was working as a computer-geek FBI contractor took my custom G20 on deployment to New Orleans where he neatly dispatched a very bad guy the first time he'd ever shot it! I gave him Federal HydraShoks and he thought it would kick harder so his three shots were strung vertically downward though the first was immediately fatal. The other two were fatal as well, but he didn't pause to check. Another of the unwashed masses was enlightened! I've never had a problem controlling my Tens or teaching others to shoot them well. Long live the most versatile auto cartridge!

-Lee E. Murphy III

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