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A Wilson CQB coming in 10mm?

Anybody else heard about this? I've already seen some posts about it around the net.

This is interesting because Billy Wilson really isn't a big fan of the 10mm cartridge. But I do like his 1911 mags in .45, and I hope he makes the 10mm ones again. I'd buy a half dozen just for my Delta Elite.

Not sure what the .45acp CQB sells for these days, but in one post I read there was a price suggested of $2100 for a 10mm CQB.

Stay tune ...
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Agreed I've heard the stories including strong assertions.

Agreed I've heard the stories including strong assertions. It has been explicitly claimed, but not by Wilson Combat on the web, that pistols in 10mm were being worked on in series touch labor earlier this month.

There is currently a lot of talk on the IDPA circuits - I emphasize talk - that the best way to make power factor cheaply is the soft loaded heavy bullet .40 S&W. I can see a demand at least short term for a gamer 1911 in .40 S&W and it's only a short step from that to a full 10MM as part of the line.

I'd be happy to see Wilson as a quality continuing source.

On the other hand for myself pleased though I be with my own CQB in .45ACP which was bought for fun and games and a backup to my own carry piece (a by no means full house 9X23 conversion by our host on a nicer Kimber base), I'm too old to balance speed and accuracy with a full power 10mm. I see the 10mm as a field and hunting tool more than a defensive tool. I'd want something like a Classic 2 tone rather than an OD painted fixed sight ambi safety mag funnel carry gun.

I'm not sure Wilson always gets it right the first time when they mass produce outside their .45 specialty. The market seems full of people who have made a few pistols in 10mm at one time or another but not right now.
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It is a fact!

Wilson Combat's Larry (of Customer Service) has confirmed to me personally, that the CQB is, and will continue, being produced in 10mm Auto. The first products will be released in April 2006. This is not a "limited production" item. Their distributors have been "screaming" for pistols chambered in the potent .40 caliber cartridge (Larry's words, not mine). Larry told me that his will be the 10th pistol that comes off the line!

This is not some unsubstantiated rumor, but it comes from the horses mouth! I have absolutely nothing to gain by perpetuating falsehoods, but I have a real stake in telling the truth!

The pistol will be a Series 80-type, will hold either 9 or 10 rounds and will be a direct compliment (read: identical) to to the CQB in .45 ACP.

This should "lay to rest" the tired, old canard that "the 10mm Auto is a dead cartridge". Yeah, right, whatever! :roll:

Again, I don't deal in rumor, I simply disseminate facts!

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Regarding the .40S&W 1911s used in IDPA events, people shooting a .40 have reported long loading it to 10mm COAL in order to enhance feed reliability. They seem to find factory-length .40 ammo too finicky for reliable use in competition.

Regarding the 10mm CQB, it would be an attractive feature to design it as a dedicated 10mm gun with a spare, hand-fitted .40S&W barrel available as part of the package (at some minor additional cost). Two barrels, two cartridges, one gun.

Other than scott/gunfan's post, I haven't seen any info on the capacity of Wilson's new 10mm mags. I thought the old ones with the base pads only held 8-rds. If the new ones coming out hold 9- or 10-rds, that would be great.

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You beat me to it agtman: If they make the guns in 10mm that's fine, but I really hope they come out with some 9 round magazines at a decent price..
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Call wilson Combat's Customer Service counter!

Larry will tell you what he told me. When I spoke with Larry, he said that they have 28 CQB 10mm pistols being built at that time. he also told me that the pistol is going to be a regular production item.

I believe that you should be well-pleased!

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10mm CQB

Why would Wilson build a 80 series 1911. Not going to happen.................
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The older Wilson 10mm mags were 9 round mags.........I have one that keeps my Eclipse happy
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The same Larry informed me when I called that their excellent 10mm magazines are back as well.

This is great news too as I bought mine in 1996 and they're worn out!

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Definitely some good news for 10mm lovers.

Yeah, I'll grab a BUNCH of Wilson 10mm mags as soon as they become available to feed my Nighthawk Custom and my Delta Elite Customs.

No, while I own several Wilson Combat weapons I would never be interested in a CQB 10mm if built in the Series 80 format since I would never want a Series 80 anything built by anyone.

Great news on the mags though.

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