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double tap ammo

ive got some double tap ammo for my glock 20. this stuff is rated at 1250fps. this will be my first time with this gun and this ammo. can the factory recoil spring hold up with this ammo? or should i drop in a heavier one? not sure what the factory one is and dont want to damage anything including myself.
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I'd keep the stock one, just change it more often....
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I don't know what to tell you about the Glock spring, but - on Mike McNett's advice - I changed the spring on my 1076 for a heavier one by Wolff. I did this as soon as I bought the (used) gun - I've never fired anything but Double Tap in it. (Very accurate, by the way, and decently spicy.)

I noted that I was getting primer smear, so I changed the firing pin spring out for the Wolff extra-power one that came with the recoil spring. That helped a great deal.

Here are the results of chronographing four different Double Tap loads (one five-shot string of each) through my S&W 1076 (4.25" bbl, std rifling). (I would anticipate that you would get more velocity from your Glock 20.) The temperature was about fifty degrees Fahrenheit, and the range is located at about 5300 feet above sea level. Here's what I got.

180-gr Gold Dot JHP: average 1291 fps, extreme spread - 38 fps, standard deviation - 15.32 fps

180-gr FMJ match: average 1198 fps, ES - 50.30, SD - 21.02

200-gr XTP JHP: average 1141 fps, ES 21.24 fps, SD 9.21 fps

200-gr FMJ-FP: average 1220 fps, ES 63.47, SD 25.31

The 180-gr Gold Dot load kicked noticeably more than the other loads, and threw the brass hell-and-gone the furthest (despite the extra-power Wolff recoil spring). I was quite impressed with its performance, though, and will darn sure keep carrying it as my walking-around-civilization load. I was surprised to see how mellow the 200-gr XTP load developed from the short 1076 barrel. I had been carrying that as my hiking load, but now I'm giving some thought to just going with the warmer 200-gr FMJ-FP load.
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thanx for your time and info, i think i'll contact mcnett and see what he has to say just for shits n giggles. i'm just trying to get as much feedback as possible b4 i start blasting away.
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That, my friend, is a wise and sensible approach.
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the glock 20 has a 17lb recoil spring, which will be fine for the specific type of D TAP i ordered according to MM. he stated he prefers a 22lb in his G20. im assuming he shoots rockets out of his, hot hunting loads. thanx guys :lol:
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Thank you for the follow-up - good to have this info on the site for future reference.
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Chrono'd some Double tap 10mm 135 grainers this past weekend . Claimed 1600+ fps. They lied. From my Delta Elite, average was 1710 fps. SNAPPY. Don't know if I am man enough for a double tap with that stuff. JMHO
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danag: Interesting on the DT 135gn Noslers ...

Altitude, humidity and temperature can affect velocity - up or down.

DT's loads are chrono-ed through Mike's stock Glock 20 with its 4.6" tube. According to Mike, firing the same DT loads from a 5" barrel (like a Delta or S&W 1006) should show about a 30fps increase.

But going from 1600fps to 1710fps is still a pretty good jump.

On GT's 10Ring, Mike once posted that shot the 135gn Nosler load using a fitted 6" KKM barrel in his G20 and got 1785fps/955fpe. That's smokin'.

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I've been running a 24lb ISMI spring for a long time now. Never had a problem, even with light 10mm, or factory 40S&W or 357SIG loads. Makes for a very soft-shooting piece. Got mine as part of a set with 20, 22 and 24lb springs. Happy shooting!

-Lee E. Murphy III

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