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10mm: 6 inch-Yes or No?? / ..from scratch, or convert??

I'm a novice who once had a Glock 20, but went to 1911's for accuracy and
fit (more natural to the hand). If I want a 10mm 1911 that will be durable
and quick to recover from recoil, do I want to consider a 6 inch?? And why??
( Concealment will not be critical. )
If yes, do I want to start with something like an STI Trojan 6.0in 40 cal
and have a smith convert it from there? Is that a good option to build from
or not? Reasons and other suggestions would be welcome.
If a 6 inch 10mm is a good direction, but building from scratch is the
only good path ( with the extra waiting and dollars ) to go on, please say
so and give me your thinking behind your position. Looking forward to your wise counsel and responses...............
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Old 05-27-2006, 10:09 PM   #2
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What's the weapon going to be used for? What's your budget?
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Dan Wesson / CZ keeps promising to produce one

Dan Wesson / CZ keeps promising to produce one as their Global Hunter model.
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10mm-Y/N etc.

I am looking at this as a self-defense/property defense project. I sit
in the middle of a few acres. I'm looking at the 10mm as having
more punch and further reach than my .45 . I have an FAL for
primary long reach. Budget could be stretched to the $2K mark
if needed, but would be pleased to keep it more reasonable, if
possible. Picked up an S&W 10 series in 5 inch in really good
shape, which I hope to try out in the next few days.
I really like the looks of the Springfield Long Slide, but it's
in 45 only; a conversion would require new slide/new barrel as the
most expensive expenditures. STI has some nice 6 inchers, but
they don't mess with 10's anymore. And I don't think Nighthawk
will, either. EAA Witness, Elite Series, looks very nice, but reports
on the various forums from owners are mixed-mediocre accuracy
being the most expensive common problem to fix. So far, CZ-Dan Wesson is still only available in a 5" max length; some erratic problems
requiring servicing get listed on the forums. But overall, I get the feeling that most of the time, the factory is working hard to rectify the problems
with the least hassle and best service they can.
I'll try to update soon after I run some DT thru the S&W.
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Try this one... its expensive, but I'm sure its worth it.

Otherwise, I would go with a custom gun from scratch by using Caspian longslide mated w/ a Caspian Recon Rail.

Keep us (me) posted!
Old 06-07-2006, 04:29 PM   #6
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10mm-6" etc.

Thanks for the information! The Reeder custom is ABSOLUTELY
GORGEOUS!! At this point, I've talked with Dane Burns and
he has agreed to build me a 1911 5 incher in 10mm. So, the
funds are committed, and I am quite willing to wait to see
another Burns masterpiece in my hands. If I still have the "itch"
after Dane puts one together for me, then I may try to find the
funding for the Reeder Cutom. ( Never enough beautiful 1911's. )
I've run a few of the Double Tap rounds through the Smith,
which proves to be and feel VERY SOLID! The 135 grain 1600 fps
round has the most felt recoil, not because of the "torque", but
because of the velocity of the slide. I've heard people who have
chrono'd that round at actually between 1700-1800 fps.
I know that Dane cut his teeth on the .45 , and dearly loves
the 9X23. So I was really gratified when he was willing to take
on my project.
When I think back about 10 years ago, the hottest round I was
aware of at that time was the Winchester 175 gr Silvertip. Look
where we are now!!

Old 06-07-2006, 04:59 PM   #7
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I have a Glock 20 Longslide because I couldn't afford the ultimate 10 (or equivalent). I am a 1911 man at heart. If I had all the money in the world I'd have two or three longslide 10mm 1911's.

Here's my baby...

Old 10-14-2006, 04:16 AM   #8
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I was thinking for a while (two kids on university...you know the rest) about longslide 1911, even contacted the smith willing to take that project, see http://www.armco-guns.com/ , see also this page about 45-08 (go down) http://www.armco-guns.com/what's%20new%20at%20armco.htm . To make long story short, he suggested 10-08 as the ultimate long range proposal from 1911 longslide. According to him, such round could easily push 200 gr at 1400 fps. He prefers 308 case as a parent one over any 45. Yes, bit more work but you get much stronger case and unlimited supply form anywhere.

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