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EAA Witness Hunter recoil spring strengths

I just sent the following message (copied below) to another address. Also, I have not yet gotten any specific info. from EAA. I'm hoping you folks could tell me what the specific strengths (lbs.) of the recoil springs that came with my pistol, and how to directly contact Tanfoglio. Thanks very much.

I've been searching like crazy for some accurate, quantifiable information specific to a handgun that came on the US market recently, and which I purchased a couple weeks ago - a Witness Hunter, 10mm Auto caliber, 6" barrel, adjustable rear sight, made by Tanfoglio's custom shop, imported into the USA by EAA of Florida.

Even after thoroughly searching many web sites about Tanfoglio, I can not find any way of directly contacting Tanfoglio to ask some specific questions. The web sites do not show any e-mail address or phone # for Tanfoglio, so I turn to you.

My pistol came with 3 recoil springs - one installed in the gun, and 2 others that came with it in its factory case, each packed in labeled plastic bags. The owner's manual makes absolutely no mention of these 2 extra springs. For clarity, I'll call the installed spring the "factory" spring, and the other 2 separately bagged springs "spring A" & "spring B".

I'll show you exactly what appears on the labels on the 2 spring plastic bags:

(Spring A) MOLLA DIS. 54AA KG 5,09

(Spring B) MOLLA DIS. 53AA KG 5,59

All 3 springs, as best measured by my calipers, are .040" wire, .375" diameter. Spring A is 5.625" long, with 33 coils. Spring B is 5.44" long, with 37 coils. The installed "factory" spring is 5.475" long, with 40 coils.

I'd really like to know what the exact strengths are of these 3 springs, and the factory's expected use of each one. Any help would be sincerely appreciated, including a way to contact Tanfoglio to get exact and accurate information. I'm really puzzled why Tangfoglio didn't put this information into the owner's manual. Thanks much.

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not sure on this one, but if the KG in the label is the weight (5.09 and 5.59), then they would convert to 11.22lb and 12.32lb respectively

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