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self defense for camping

hi all! anyone carry a 10mm when camping or hiking? i'd like to start including my glock 20 when in the outdoors. ive been carrying a 1911 loaded with wally world win white box 230gr hp's. i'd like a more potent faster caliber like the 10mm for say a bear or large human intent on doing us harm. whats a good load for this?
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I carry the 1076 with Double Tap's 180-grain Gold Dot load while hiking in the mountains of New Mexico . . . they average 1297 fps from my 4.25" barrel.
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I carry a Glock 29 w/ 180gr XTP, 200gr XTP or 200-235gr Flatnose Hardcast DoubleTaps. 10+1 rounds and small and compact enough for 1) nobody to notice I have it and 2) I can carry it all day easily.
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Either a 45 or a 10mm will work fine. But the real problem is the target. Human or black bear?. Bear you want a ball round or soft point. Human a HP to be most effective.

More likely to have a human problem than a bear problem.

I'd vote for plain old ball 230 in a LWT Commender or the small Glolk 45. Pretty much solve either problem if required.

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When I carried a Glock 36 for hiking, I loaded it with hardball, as Dane suggests.
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hiya, thanx all for the feedback
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You probably want a load that covers the possibility of attack by 2- OR 4-legged predators.

Double Tap's 10mm 200gn XTP-HP @ 1250fps/694fpe is one option. It's a HP, but Hornady's XTPs are known for their penetrative ability before fully opening, and DT loads them to real 10mm velocities to drive them deep and enhance expansion.

If you decide to go with a 10mm FMJ load because aggressive bears in your camping area are the greater concern, then DT's 200gn FMJ-FP (also a Hornady slug) is an excellent penetrator. At 1275fps/722fpe, it's sure to reach vital organs, assuming your shot(s) are well-placed.

Whatever load you choose, be sure to buy enough of it so you can test for function and accuracy in YOUR G20.
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10mm for camping

hi, thanx for the reply! i'm leaning towards the 10mm. i failed to mention i have a 20rd box of pmc 180gr jhp's for it. the box is black and reads eldorado starfire. ive only shot double tap ball type ammo(1250fps if i remember right) his target ammo, through it.
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Re: self defense for camping

As a ex-police officer called it...use a "Dutch Load". Load your magazine with alternating between a good hollow point and a ball loads.

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