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S&W 1006 Owners

I just received my "new" 10mm. S&W 1006. Gun is in great shape but...appears there was some mods done to feed ramp?

The previuos owner has told me it is as he bought it and he had no FTF or FTE in the 200 rounds or so he put through it.

There is a upside-down "T" on the trigger guard...Does this mean anything?

Can someone please post a picture of their S&W 1006 barrel and chamber.

Looks like the feed ramp has had pizz poor polishing job? Also appears chamber mouth has been recessed and I am a little worried that they went "too far" and created an "un-supported chamber".

I took a shell casing and place in chamber and then scribed a line on the case at the angle of the feed ramp where it enters the chamber. Then I removed case and measure from the case head to scribed line...measures .230.

Can anyone measure their chamber support. I do not want to shoot any hot loads out of this gun unless I know the chamber support has NOT been comprimised.

It also makes me wonder WHY someone would modify 1006 as they are supposed to be trouble free pistols.

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The "T" is a proof mark signifying the type of barrel used. Don't think I would be firing mine if it looked like that!! Fortunately new barrels are only about $120 from S&W!
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I'v owned my 1006 for about 10 years now,with countless amount of ammo put through it.My barrel still looks better than that.I'm Please don't take me wrong but I would hate for someone to get hurt by fireing a pistol with a bad barrel..PLEASE replace your barrel first,and have it checked out by a gunsmith..
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Ouch , defintely the result of an over enthusiastic polishing/throating job .
+100 on replacing the barrel

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