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Just bought two S&W 10mms!

Just picked up two brand new in box S&W 10mms, a 1006 and a 1076. The 1006 to be fair has been shot some as it was worked on by Wayne Novak who did an action job, trigger job and installed night sites. It is smooth as silk and shoots like a dream!! To me it felt more like a 9mm with a +P load instead of a 10 but the big frame just soaks up the recoil. Put three hundred round of 10mm Blazer thru it without a hitch. The 1076 is unfired and is an original FBI weapon with the TEV prefix and the original labels on the box. Haven't messed with it yet but will this weekend. Ordered a 1/2 case of assorted Double Tap ammo along with 20 pound Wolff recoil springs and some new +5% mag springs. Between the two, I have eight mags with the white followers. Other than changing out the recoil springs is there anything else I should do or be aware of with these guns? These are my 1st 10mms so I want to do it right!!
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Well sir, I found that I got primer smear from my 1076 with hot loads like the DTs, even after the installation of the more powerful Wolff recoil spring. I installed the extra-power Wolff firing pin spring, and that helped a great deal.

They're great guns - enjoy them. 8)
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word of advice on the 1076. Do not try to detail strip it. The trigger/decock mechanism is a nightmare. As an armorer, get out the manual and go SLOOOOW. I can go over my 1006 in 20 minutes but it takes 2+ hours on the 1076.

There is a C-clip under the grip that is a pain in the a** to deal with.
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Thats what I like about all my Smith semi-autos, there's really no need to ever detail strip them. If anything goes wrong, back to the factory the will go and I know it will be fixed right and sent back quickly. These guns are built like a tank and other than normal cleaning, I may remove the grips every 5,000 rounds or so and blast them with a cleaner, other than that I don't mess with them. Wish everyone but their pistols like S&W used to!

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