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Hornady Confirmation

Hello all,
I hope this has't been asked allready.
I still have an old box of Hornady 180 grain xtp..Advertised volosity is 1410 fps..Has any one actually chronoed this stuff..
THX in advance..
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No....But I'd sure like to chronograph a few. With the 40 SUPER I'm runnin a 180gr lead bullet over 1800fps.....I would like to know for sure if the 40 SUPER is 400fps faster than the 10mm.

Bill Caldwell
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Casca, Hornady makes REALLY good ammo. It's probably what it says it is barring the usual; changes in temperature, elevation, variances in test barrel vs. your barrel, etc.

Bill, pardon my ignorance but what's a .40 Super?
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40 SUPER ??

Late 1950s.....early 1960s, Some of Us were HOTRODIN' 1911s......In those days We would cut 30/06.....308....270 cases to .900in, ream .250in deep to hold a 45 hardball bullet tight. THIS WOULD BE THE FORE RUNNER OF WHAT WAS LATER CALLED THE 45 SUPER. And I'm sure it had been done way before We did it. Like the PREACHER said in Ecclesiastes "nothin' new under the sun". Next step from there was.....If You wanted a 40 or a 41,neck that cutoff case down. And in various different configurations that is the basic 40 Super...........Thanks to STARLINE Brass We no longer have to cut down the 30/o6..... Ever so often They'll make a run of 40 Super brass.

Without takein time to measure brass, goin' from memory, the case is .475 dia. in front of the rim, .739 to shoulder, dia at shoulder .473, 35 deg. shoulder, neck is .423 dia.,.161in. long. Over all length is .988 in. I haven't had time to drag out one of the Ruger old model 41 Mags and chrono factory loads. From reloadin' manuals A hot 41 mag load is 170gr bullet, around 1700fps......I can run a 180gr bullet 1800fps from a 1911....5 in. barrel. Recoil is not bad.....I can do aimed splits with hits at .3 to .4 second apart.

Bill Caldwell
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Go to Wild Bill Caldwell View From The Hills ......Page 2...24th. post down. See the post, 1911 41S.A.M.....44LIZ. a photo of the 40 SUPER case and a couple of Wildcats that can be made from 40 Super case.

Bill Caldwell
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Who makes barrels?
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For the 40 Super.....David at Storm Lake can Supply the barrels......41? You might find 41 Avenger barrels.......Or 45 barrels can be bored out and sleeved to 41 or 44

Bill Caldwell
Old 02-03-2008, 01:51 PM   #8
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Thanks for the info.
I've got an old SA 1911 that needs something different done to it.
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The factory Hornady 180gn 10mm XTP is currently doing 1180fps/556fpe (that's apparently from a 5" factory test barrel, which means the fps/fpe calculus changes when firing same from the barrels of real-world 10mm pistols). Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty decent - and accurate - mid-range 10mm load, if you don't want hotter or can't find anything else "off the shelf."

Still, all this proves is that even Hornady, which over the years had marketed some of the hotter 10mm loads, has downloaded its stuff from what it was in the late '80s and early '90s.

Forgetaboutit. If you're looking for REAL 10mm ammo topped with a 180gn HP of some sort, try Double Tap.

DT offers:

* a 180gn XTP-HP @ 1350fps/728fpe;

* a 180gn Gold Dot HP @ 1300fps/675fpe;

* a 180gn Golden Saber HP @ 1330fps/707fpe.


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