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This page seems like it is dying,I hope not.This subject is what brought me here to begin with..I not only find answers here to my questions,I also find it an interesting read..So come on people please keep asking questions & keep responding..The 10 is an awsome round,Lets not give up on it...THX All
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I don't know as anyone's giving up. Those of us who covet the 1911 in it's most powerful (factory) iteration will never give up. There just ain't many people who've got on the bandwagon. The guns are hard to come by. Ammo is hard to come by and expensive. The FBI load is a joke. They reinvented the 45ACP 185JHP.
Have faith. What's there to talk about when you're already convinced? Kinda like preachin' to the choir.
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If you guys want a cool place for 10mm talk come on over to 10mm-firearms.com - Index
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personally i load for 10mm so that solves my ammo worry, except brass, its a like loading 40 sw. i have the eclipse 2 in a kimber and a glock 20c for guns . both seem to like my reloads made with blue dot powder and 180 bullet. bue dot powder seems to burn the best and give me high chrono numbers.

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