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Goshen Enterprises G20

finally got my G20 back from Goshen in Sedona and oooo *baby* was it worth the wait!

Tim fixed me up with a set of his awesome HexSites (see my review here) and a positively *trick* lil muzzle brake he calls the "Keeper" (reviewed here) and together they add up to a 10mm gun that shoots like a 9 and virtually auto-acquires. i can literally watch the hits happen as i shoot.

aside from those mods he just did a basic overhaul with stainless recoil rod and Wolf springs throughout, stock trigger pull was kept on his recommendation for better performance under stress and front serrations added for easier clearing, but the sight/porting combo just made such a new gun outta my baby i almost feel like i'm cheatin' on 'er!

the review threads have closeups of the work, but i'll post a teaser here just to whet your appetite..

(grip by A-Grip.. of course!)

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Re: Goshen Enterprises G20

That's some very nice work, Susan.

How's your Glock 20 handled with these mods after shooting it for a while?
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Re: Goshen Enterprises G20

hey Mark only had it to the range that once so far (gotta drive to ft lauderdale to shoot my DT, bit of a jaunt) so no further input on the porting though even the friend i brought with me that day, who'd not shot the G20 for over a year and for whom that was the first time he ever shot a pistol and of course found it to be a handful, commented that there was a noticealbe difference. i'm sure he didn't have specific memory of it, only that it was a wild ride and that this time it was much less so. it definitely was, and also better than with that DPM rig i loved so much. big diff.

i'm still curious about the specific velocity specs. Tim hasn't steered me wrong yet so i tend to take him at his word when he swears that he loses no more than 30fps off his .45's, so i'm guessing about 50 off my 165gr DT, which i think it can spare in exchange for such dramatic performance difference, but i almost wish i'd bought another stock Glock barrel to do a good A/B with the same ammo batch and all. it's also hard to do chrono here since i only go to little indoor ranges, but when i do the Delta i'm having the stock barrel fitted but left unported, and then fitting and porting a match barrel, so i'll have a good comparison and will buy a chrono and go to an outdoor range if need be. inquiring minds want to know

with the sights, however, i've been doing drills around the house and continue to get better and better aquisition with them. you basically place the aperture between you and the target while looking at the target and freeze the position, then look at the front sight and darned if it isn't almost always on the mark (you wouldn't do this IRL of course, it's just my way of seeing that they work so i'll have confidence in that if the time ever comes).

the one criticism i could make of the Hexsites is that they seem to be mildly dependent on a very minimum level of good technique, basically not having the gun really sideways when you point it. what i see as the requirement is that both the front blade and rear aperture be in your field of vision when looking at the target (blade doesn't have to be in ring, but somewhere near it at least, and more importantly the ring facing you enough to see thru it and not just be looking at the sidewall) like it almost always will be with half decent grip. then it seems as though the light passing thru the Hex just makes you point it straight and draws that blade to the middle of the ring, or thereabouts.

so, the Keeper is a no brainer which the Delta will be getting too (gawd, remember all those concerns i was fretting about before i tried it? totally quelled now..) and i'm developing more comfort with the Hexsite and feeling good about the purchase. and Tim at Goshen has spent literally hours with me over the phone giving me tips. it's really a vocation for him, not just a business - i don't even call him, he calls me to see how i'm doing - and he does intstruction too and i'm actually thinking about flying out to Arizona for some classes oneday, which are of course threat-focused using the Hexsite.

it's just so lame that here in Palm Beach county you can only shoot ammo bought at the range. i just hate putting lead thru it, especially now, and when they do have Silvertips they're like a buck a round, robbery! i'm like raring to shoot the Glock lately but having to drive an hour to shoot DT's really a buzzkill, as is scraping lead outta the lands if i go local, and i don't even wanna *think* about getting it outta the comp chambers, ::shudder::
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Re: Goshen Enterprises G20

SUSAN 28.......TWO EIGHT, That's a TEN in anybodys book.....Would You do Me a favor....I'd like to know the height of the Rear sight, (From the top of the slide,to the top of the sight, just close, doesn't have to be exact) When I was workin' with Gost rings I may not have made them tall enough......Thanks

Bill Caldwell
Old 07-27-2008, 10:04 AM   #5
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Re: Goshen Enterprises G20

hey Bill! ah, numerologically inclined i could tell ya were a spiritual guy

ok, so looks like just under a centimeter, bout 9.5mm.

they claim it's 2/10" higher than the OEM sight and i asked Tim a couple days ago to return my old sights so we can get a visual on it. there's a lil room left in the sight cut so i can tap it right in beside and take a pic.
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Re: Goshen Enterprises G20

ok, here's that side-by-side i promised ya, rough measurement of the rear is 1/4" higher than the stock rear but couldn't get a good comparison pic of the front ones:

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