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Double Tap Ammo

With the major ammunition manufacturers dropping obscure chamberings, 10mm is getting harder to find. Bless Winchester's little heart for the SilverTips.
Requesting feedback on the DT 10mm loads. Been to their website and looked things over. Their loads seem a little warm. So, if you've used them and not broken your pistol, I'd like to hear about them. Accuracy? Shot any living thing with them? That sort of thing.
Thanks in advance.
Tom Z
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Re: Double Tap Ammo

What pistol?? .....I've ran 40 Super to 1800 fps., 180 gr. bullets in 1911s, wouldn't try it in any pistol other than a 1911 built right. Watch the primers, in a hot load in all the 1911s I've used the primers give up first...real hot loads , the primers will lock the firein' pin, weak point on 1911s when You hotrod them, this can be helped a lot by a tight fit of the firein' pin in the slide, ....I'm not knockin' other brands of pistols, I've only HottRodded 1911s (far as semi autos go) so 1911s are all I can speak for

Bill Caldwell
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Re: Double Tap Ammo

I used DT when they first came out several years ago. He had issues with the 10mm ammo being over pressure. I sent a batch to Hodgdon and they came back with 42,100 psi. I stopped buying. I currently handload mine and load 10mm commercially, not as hot as Double Tap but decent 180gr @ 1300fps and 200gr @ 1200fps.
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Re: Double Tap Ammo

Thanks for the input. Also in re 10mm on alloy frame.
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Re: Double Tap Ammo

Older review of DT's 165gn & 180gn Golden Saber HP loads:

Bottom-line: DT produces excellent, high-performance 10mm ammo - at real 10mm velocities, not watered-down, Brokeback Mountain stuff that merely duplicates .40S&W loads with the same bullet. :roll:

Man-up, open your wallet and get a few boxes.

DT's 10mm "variety" pack is a good place to start for sampling some of Mike McNett's ground-breaking loads. ... ucts_id=50

McNett and the guy who ran Texas Ammo Company (now defunct) were really the fountainheads behind the resurgence of full-throttle 10mm factory ammo in the early years of the 21st Century. This was coming off a long cold period in the 1990s in which the cartridge not only got no ballistic respect whatsoever (mainly because it hadn't been loaded to its full potential since the late '80s), but was publically written off in the gun rags as a "dead round."

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Re: Double Tap Ammo

Thanks for the link. I still got several cases of STHP but it won't last forever so I'm looking around at full house 10mm. I reload for the range and four legged critters but won't carry reloads for two legged critters.
BTW the FB-1 tuned down the 10mm 'cuz the girls (male and female) couldn't handle the recoil. That and some nonsense about over-penetration.
tom z

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