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Is the 40 Super a better round than the 10mm?
I love the 10mm but if the 40 Super is alot better then I want one. Does anyone have info on the two being compared?
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Old 01-23-2002, 09:42 AM   #2
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Better for WHAT?

Last I checked you can't even get dies for the sucker... there was some complaining about this over on GlockTalk. .40 Super is indeed hotter than 10mm, but is also an out-and-out wildcat with factory ammo by exactly 1 company (Triton). 10mm Auto is still made by every single major ammo manufacturer. Components are pletiful and generally cheap for 10mm. .40 Super will give you a horsepower edge over 10mm with max loads, but I've got to wonder if that is even wise in a 1911-patter gun (or Glock for that matter). If you are talking about self-defense against humans .40 Super is just a bad idea. For hunting you are better off spending the cost of the conversion on a .44 Magnum revolver instead. But if you just want it for a reloading/hobby proposition then more power to you.
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Nobody has any ideas on the 40 super and the 10mm. I thought this would be eatin up buy all of the 10mm lovers. I guess nobody knows anything about the 40 super.
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I think people know about it, but just don't care about it... .40 Super is a marginal wildcat you can't even get reloading gear for. Hell, the Triton website has been down for months, so you can't even order the factory loads.

For exactly the same trouble it would take to get .40 Super running in your gun you could convert it to the bigger, more powerful .460 Rowland cartridge instead and have a MUCH easier time of it all around to boot.

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It sounds like the .460 Rowland is what I'm going to do then.
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Underwood Ammo loads 40 Super ammo

Underwood Ammo - 40 Super
Old 10-27-2013, 01:36 PM   #7
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Thumbs up 10mm vs. 40 Super

Sorry for the late entry!!! I have been researching the 40 Super a lot as of late.
Double Tapp ammu has several loads for 40Super, and as a comparison I shoot 40 in competition. Just one comparison, 40 S&W 180g. JHP is around 950 fps, and as it is commercial ammo 40 Super also has to be under SAMMI pressure specs. That being said, the same 180g. JHP in 40 Super out of a 6" conversion barrel in a Glock 21 jumped out at around 1600 fps in a You Tube video. In respect as a defensive load would not advise it, legal issues arise from using wildcat cartridges or handloads. But I have to say I have a Glock 29 10mm and am considering building a Glock in 40 Super for competition.
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40 super

You CAN buy reloading Dies from midwayusa.com

You can also buy all the 40 super ammo you want from underwoodammo.com

The 135 grain is a stopper with 13" of penitration in FBI balistic gel.

The FBI minimum Penitration is 12"

The ammo is available in 135, 165, 185, 200 & 220 grain.

I have a glock 30s I converted to 40 super with a KKM conversion barrel & Comp.

The KKM is a fully supported barrel unlike the glock factory barrel (I would never fire this cartridge in a stock glock barrel.... I like my hand attached)

With the comp on the KKM it shoots like low pressure 9mm.

Very accurate, the 200 grain would be ideal for hunting.

You can also buy a drop in barrel for 1911's.

One last thing if you do go this route change the factory spring to a 22 lb one, better yes buy a tungsten 22 lb spring from the glock store and ss 3 pin set.

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there.........watch a few.

My glock 20 is collecting dust now.

Good luck and if you have the money don't listen to bashes try the setup for yourself, it's the only way you will know.
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Welcome to Pistolsmith. Good first post.
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There has been a renewed interest in the 40 Super lately for some reason. I'm getting quite a few requests for load data these days.

I was even thinking about building another one on a full size EAA Witness frame.

Tony Rumore

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