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I have a 1006 and please don't get me wrong, I love my 10 mm but my desire to experiment w/things has gotten the best of me. I have a spare 1006 barrel that headspaces properly in my 4506. I was wondering if it could be rechambered to .400 corbon. I think it may end up with too much free bore to give accurate results but the barrel cost me nothing and I figure what the hell. I am a believer in having at least one of each.
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Let's make sure I understand this correctly. You have a spare barrel chambered in 10mm that you want to rechamber to .400 Corbon and use it in your 4506. If that is correct, I think from a machining standpoint it will work. I do not know who would have the proper tooling to do the work other than someone like Bar-Sto. As the .400 Corbon is a low pressure round with respect to the 10mm, I would think there would be enough metal left after the rechambering so as to be safe.
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The external dimensions of the 4506 and the 1006 barrels are identical. I feel certain the barrel will hold up to the pressures of the .400 corbon. My main concern is the difference in length between the two cartridges. I will end up with a bunch of free bore which may cause accuracy problems. I have a gunsmith who will make the conversion, all I need to do is buy the reamer.
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Uh, you realize that .400 Cor-Bon will give you INFERIOR ballistics to 10mm, and lower capacity, with the same sized bullet, and you get to pay more per shot, right?

If you are going to go to all that trouble, go straight to .40 Super, all the downsides stay the same but you will actually get a more powerful gun than you had before as a result. .400 Cor-Bon is just an inferior verison of 10mm.
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N-Frame Guy, did you ever go through with this conversion? I've been trying to find an old Bar-Sto 40 Super barrel for my 4506 and one is not to be found. Like you did many years ago, I'm considering having a 1006 10mm barrel re-chambered.

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Edkumi, it appears that N-Frame Guy last posted here in 2008.

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