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Forgive my ignorance- what is .38 Super Comp?

I have been hearing about the .38 Super Comp, but am unclear exactly what it is, and what the differences are between it and the regular .38 Super. Can someone please explain? Also, what would a conversion entail; i.e., different barrel?; different weight recoil spring?; different extractor? In short, is it worth the trouble?
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Super comp brass is a rimless version of the 38 will have to reload for this no one does a commercial might take some tweaking of things..but pretty much it will be the extractor that will need to be adjusted...

just to throw this out there..a recent magazine article had Hornady doing a loading for their 38 TJ brass..which is a 38 super rimless which has a deeper extractor groove and is a little thicker..
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It's pretty popular with the high capacity open guns in USPSA, since I'm told it functions better with the rimless case head in the double stack magazines.
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I have been shooting supercomp or other variations of it for two years now. The only thing I had to do was change extractor tension. Regular super now will likely not function in my guns, as the extractor will be a little too tight. Load wise, I changed nothing and still have the same fps as I did with regular super. Supercomp and its various other names is just super- with less rim. It feeds in hi cap mags a little better in most guns.

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