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A day late and a buck short ..........

Hello all, I am new to the forums and what looks to be a little late. I recently aquired a 1911 colt series 70 match upper on a essex frame. I figured I want to plan on loading some of the heavier loads that you see mentioned from time to time so I went ahead and ordered a 16.5 # variable wolff spring. However, now im not sure if I will be able to get to the velocities I want since i dont believe the factory barrel has a fully supported chamber. So my questions are:

Can anyone verify if this barrel is fully supported or not?

What would the estimated max velocities with an unsupported chamber be with a 124gr bullet?

And also, what bore dia was the older colts, .355 .356 .357? Thanks for everyone help.
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Odds are it is an unsupported barrel. If there is a long feed ramp extending below the round, outside of the chamber, it is a supported chamber barrel. Not likely to find something like that in an Essex frame. In such a barrel, stick to published loads, which can drive 124 grain bullets at 1200 to 1300 feet per second. This equals any 9mm +P+ load.
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If you assume that published data can be shot in an unsupported chamber then you can safely use Vihtavuori N-105 to get a 124 grain bullet up to almost 1600 fps. The starting load in the book is listed as 10.0 grains (1406FPS) with a max at 10.9 grains (1594 fps). I started at 10.0 and got 1358 fps while 10.2 netted 1372 fps but the latest test showed a 1468fps average using 10.4 grains of N-105 which is where I stopped since it's more than adequate for IPSC major and really kept the pistol 100% flat during recoil (I'm shooting a Caspian widebody with a 3 chamber 6 port comp.) I will be chronoing this load in my Springfield Mil-Spec soon but don't expect the velocity to change much. I would reccomend starting at 10.0 grains and work your way up (if you think you need to).

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