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Whats going on here?

Again, I am new to the 1911 38 super, but I know this isnt suppose to happen. I shoot a 1911 essex frame with a colt match series 70 upper. This past thursday I was at the range shooting PMC factory ammo, 130 FMJ at about 1090fps. I noticed I was getting punched primers and stovepipes with the same load. Whats going on? Bad batch of primers? Should I get a new lighter recoil spring and a new firing pin? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Pierced primers on factory ammo? Sounds like some really soft primers or an incredibly sharp firing pin. Look at the firing pin, make sure the tip has not broken, it should be smooth and rounded.
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About 1973, Guns and Ammo Mag published an article on the 38 Super. Seems the method of headspacing causes strange things to happen. I had the same problem with mine (purchased new around '91) Took the advice in the article and got a Barstow barrel. Barstow (among others) machines the barrels to headspace on the mouth instead of the semi-rim. After working the action over, it shot up a storm. Still the best shooting gun I've ever been around. If you want to take it a step further, you can make your brass out of .223 Rem. Stronger head, thicker body. I have ran mine up to 1500+ fps with 115 gr Hornady Hollow points and have never blown a primer or trashed a case. I've had some problems with extraction using the .223 cases, but it is not my CCW so I can work around that.

Side note: If a fellow can engrave the Lords Prayer on the head of a pin, why can't the cops engrave a search warrant on the tip of a bullet?
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Actually, Colt was the only 1911 maker to try to headspace the 38 Super on that tiny little rim. All other manufacturers and barrel makers headspace the 38 super on the case mouth like all other straight wall pistol cartridges. Check your barrel. Take it out of the slide and drop a round into the chamber. If the rims slip more than a couple thousandths of an inch past the edge of the barrel hood you likely have a headspacing problem. Barsto does make great barrels, but if this is just a shooter you might have just as good of luck with a Storm Lake barrel.

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