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I seem to have determined that I would/will get a .38 super in a commander style frame. I do not have a commander style, well I do have a Sig 239, but it seems to me that this size in this caliber would be a good option.
If that is the case Kimber has several offerings and that may be the best option. The pro-carry HD II has been the one fixated on and I would appreciate opinions if you would. On that note, if I would get a Colt in a commander what would be necessary to have it converted to a super and what in your opinion would it cost? I guess, as a side, what is your opinion as to this even being worthwhile?
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Colt still makes commader 38 Supers catalog number: O4540XSE. That is an stainless light weight XSE model. You should be able to check it out here:

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Good reply. I looked at the web for Colt and saw only the government.
Thanks &
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I bought one of the Colt's Dan mentioned above when they first appeared on the market. I am very pleased with it.

It needed a trigger job, of course, with a new trigger to better fit the tunnel than the sloppy stock trigger.

The "turned down" stock grip safety digs into the web of my hand, so that had to go. I did not (and do not) want to cut into the aluminum frame, so a drop-in beavertail from Wilson was used. It actually fits the frame better than the "turned down"

The frame to slide fit was excellent and the barrel was tightly fitted. My gunsmith had several 1911's from well known 'smiths in his shop at the time and the Colt's barrel was fitted tighter than their "fitted match barrels". Another . A NM bushing tightened up the front end and he also recrowned my barrel.

The sights were tweaked to better fit my personal needs (old eyes) and I ditched the ambi safety (personal preference).

Why'd I buy the Colt?

Because of the pony :lol: . It has the old style roll marks and I prefer the 4.25 inch Commander to Kimber's 4 inch.

Hope this is of some help.
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That is a good thought Witherspoon and I agree. The only Colt I can see, in a commander size, is the Al. frame. I have issues in my mind concerning that.
Itis not the Al. that is the issue, I just want a steel or stainless.
I am left with Either the Kimber or I could go to a STI in a 6" trojan, which I like also.

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