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Is the EAA Witness Elite Match really that good?

I presently own 2 Witness Combat models, a 9mm (small frame) and a 45acp (large frame). I like these guns, they are durable, simple to work on, and are reasonably accuate. For reference, I also have SW and Glock autos, so I have "expensive" guns to compare to. I also had a Colt 80 series, but dumped it when I got tired of replacing broken parts!

I have been having big dreams of getting a 38 super and have done alot of research on different platforms. I keep hearing such rave reviews of the Witness Elite Match. At $500, it would be an excellent buy if the coments from others are correct.

Has any of you had any experiences with the Match, in any caliber? What are your empression?



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Old 06-16-2007, 02:50 PM   #2
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do not have the experience using it (yet)
but the price out the door in south fl is 590 (that also includes 2nd mag)

in dry-fire trigger is crisp, the sights are big (may be a bit too wide)
all actions/lockings are very positive feeling (nothing is loose or too hard to move)
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I've got a Witness 10mm full size that I've had for quite some time and it is the most reliable and accurate pistol I own out to 100 yards. I've got SAXD 45acp which is quite accurate but not out to 100 yards due to the round. My Glock can't hold a candle to either of them for accuracy or "fit and feel" to say nothing of the stupid trigger safety on the Glock which is sharp edged, hard to depress and too short so it pinches my trigger finger between it and the trigger. The SAXD 45 on the other hand has a decent trigger with the same type of safety but it is smooth and you don't even notice it when shooting.

I just bought a Witness Elite Match in .40 S&W, a 10mm Barrel for it from EAA (delivered two days after I called them with the order and serial #) The Witness Elite Match is a thing of beauty and the trigger has to be experienced to be belived.

Marty in Oregon
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I, too, have been eyeing the Witness 38supers and 10mms for quite some time. Unlike you, I actually have had great luck with my Colt broken parts. I had a Colt in 38super, but sold it a couple years back for no good reason.

Everything I've read about the Witness series basically says the same things: Good, reliable guns...with about 30-40% of the comments stating that some accuracy work needed.
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If you are interested in more information; I can hook you up with a guy in Baton Rouge that has several in different calibers. He is not shooting as much now, but was shooting 4,000 rounds each week, for a very long time. No, that is not a misprint...he still shoots each week, just not as much as before.

He has given those guns a work-out and I don't think he has had any problems. His newest gun is probably two years old.

E-mail me if you want his telephone number.


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