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Question .38 Super High Cap Mags for 1911?

I just bought my first .38 Super, a Taurus PT1911. Are there any 1911 magazines out for .38 Super that hold more than 10 rounds? Thanks.
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If anybody makes such a thing it would be either USA Magazine or Western Magazine. iI so, chances are it would work as poorly as most all of the other offereings from those two companies.

Been awhile since I've played IPSC/USPSA, but if there's a decent extended single stack .38 super 1911 mag out there those guys would know about it. (You got your ears on Wild Bill?) Thing is, pretty much anybody who wants a higher capacity .38 super 1911 goes with a doublestack gun, or at least that's the way I recall things.
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Brian...I was tryin to think who use to make them seems like I used some at one time a long time back.....but...Startin with 11rds .015 second between each shot equals 1.65 seconds.....a 1 second reload....10 more rds equal 4.15 seconds....problem solved under 5 seconds.....just My smartASS way of thinkin but I see no use for anextended mag...but to each, His Own...I have a lot of things others would have no use for

Wild Bill
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What do you consider hicapacity? 38 mags are 10 rounders for good ones from Wilson or Mcormick. Carry a double mag carrier if you feel the need for an on board arsenal.
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Just curious. Taurus' web site mentions "11 + 1" for the PT1911 in .38 Super, but a call to them revealed that they don't actually make that.

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38 super high cap?

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