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Yes I know it`s cheap to shoot ! But over doing with this stuff will aid in wear in feed ramp and chamber, also it is coated with a nasty laquer finish that tend to gum up in hot chambers, making cleaning more difficult, and you will never realize the weapons accuracy with the cheap ammo!

So personally I stay clear of the stuff!

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I've never had luck with the Wolf pistol ammo in any of my .45s. Wolf rifle rounds work great but the pistol rounds don't.

I have shot thousands of rounds of CCI Blazer .45s in and have only had one round that didn't work, the case that didn't have a primer in it. Noticed it before I loaded though as powder was coming out of the primer hole. Not bad for about 5,000 rounds. I normally shoot S&B and keep the brass but my indoor range kind of frowns at brass picking so I leave them my Berdan primed aluminum cased CCI Blazer.
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Wolf ammo is dirty and evidently the laquer coating on the case will build up in the chambe and cause feeding and extraction problems. Blazer ammo is usually pretty clean and does not leave a coating in the chamber. Given a choice between the two, I would take the Blazer ammo.
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Wolf ammo is dirty as hell. I had shot some awhile back. Function wasn't a problem, but my magazines had rusting on them after about one week. I'm not usually in the habit of cleaning my mags after going to the range.

Blazer works just fine and much cleaner than Wolf.
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no go on wolf

In my experience, Wolf is terrible ammo and should be avoided. I once bought many cases of it in 9MM, shot a couple boxes, had pierced primers and "blow-backs" (remember to wear eye protection) and returned every remaining box. You get what you pay for people!

The CCI/Speer Blazer ammo is quality low cost ammo and I shoot it whenever it is cheap enough or when I am not going to pick-up brass. For those that do not reload - it is an excellent choice.
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Check this thread:

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Blazer yes, great stuff, Wolf no. Steel cases and jackets bad, IMHO.
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Blazer - outstanding factory ammo w/ very clean powder from V V. Good stuff!

Wolf - maybe in 7.62x39 for an AK-47 "Bullet Launcher" but they use the same lacquer/solid lube on their .45 ACP and it makes the .45 ammo quite dirty to use. For cheap ammo, I suggest Blazer or S&B. However, the cases from the .45 Wolf are reloadable just like the US Military surplus .45 ACP steel cases we used to reload back in the day. That crap about 1911 extractor wear from steel cases is pure bunk!
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Blazer - just fine but aluminum may dump heat in the gun

Blazer - just fine but aluminum may dump heat in the gun that brass carries away - I can cite cases where particular guns (S&W Model 59's) had the trigger draw bar bind when used with mucho Blazer very quickly in odd ball training exercises. This is not a knock on Blazer nor did it happen with a normal on the person ammo load. For all normal use the Blazer worked perfectly and certainly did not wear the gun any more than any other ammunition.

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