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Win Ranger 230 Gr (LEO) only vs Win SXT 230 Gr

My first post so please be gentle Is there any difference in terminal effects between the Win Ranger 230 Gr (LEO) only and the Win SXT 230 Gr for civilians?
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While I can't recall the specifics, I do remember that there is a noteable difference in the performance between the two. The Ranger-T performed the most consistantly.
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Some test has shown the regular SXT (not ranger) had more instances of failure to expand.
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The Ranger SXT..LEO is also always made with flash retardent powder. The civilian version is not always so...
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I was wondering if you could buy the civilian version bullets for reloading, I am aware you can't buy the ranger version bullets for reloading. Do the civilian versions have the same flight characteristics and balistics of coefficients? I can buy rangers, but wish to remove bullets and load to 45 super, as I believe this would be an improved bullet, so if i could purchase civilian versions to test loads and also use for practice, this would be much cheaper. Also could anyone fill me in on this flash suppressed powder, and any ideas on what powder I should use for 45 super loads, I was thinking h110. thanks
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Ranger T Series

The major difference is in the bullet design. If you look closely, the jacket on the LE Ranger T series extends over the end of the bullet and down into the cavity. The civilian SXT ends at the edge. This results in different expansion characteristics.

Hope this helps.

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I am not a big reloading guy yet but I do ask a lot of questions when I am looking into a duty/defense ammo and I choose to go with the 230 ranger t and the I think it was the 9mm 127 +p+ ranger t. One of the questions I asked about the 45 was why the velocity was lower than most high performance HPs and I was told that the design of the bullet was matched with the speed. He then told me that if it was too much faster the hp would not function correctly and that would be undesirable. Just thought that I would put a couple pennies in regards to the .45 super. IMO I would go with a hp or frangible designed for high velocities. I am not sure which ones but I know Remington Bonded Golden Sabers and Corbon have some fast HPs and there are some interesting frangible ammo out there but not sure if you can get them. 8)

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