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Competition .45's

What would be your suggestions concerning the .45 caliber in a Competition gun? I'm considering purchasing a .45 caliber but haven't decided whether I want a "Compact" or Competition Model. Thanks!
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Old 10-25-2003, 08:52 PM   #2
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The obvious initial question is: What TYPE of competition?

Pins? .45 is good. NRA Bullseye? Obviously.

IDPA. It's ONE option. USPSA/IPSC? OK for L-10; otherwise, I'd go w/.40.

Steel? Again, it's ONE option.

Caliber and type of gun are a function of PURPOSE. What competition(s) do you plan to use this gun for? :roll:
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Combat Pistol Course and NRA Bulleye.
Old 10-25-2003, 09:05 PM   #4
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Police Combat Pistol Course (Can Be Stock Pistol) and NRA Bulleye.
Old 10-26-2003, 06:39 AM   #5
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Set up for Bullseye and any Combat shooting are almost opposite to each other . You can have an alibi in Bullseye and no such thing in Combat...
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Actually, a gun set up for Bullseye (iron sights) could easily be used for PPC shooting semi-wadcutter ammo. Police Practical Combat shooting is not based on a combat gun per se, the big shooters are all shooting highly customized pistols or revolvers designed for top accuracy. To the point where they put 30 rounds into a 1 1/2 inch group and winner is determined by X-count.

Now, having said that, I will say that many PPC shooters use highly customized revolvers, but semi-auto pistols are seen more and more. I myself use a 5" Kimber 45 for PPC with special light recoiling ammo and a reduced power recoil spring.
Old 10-26-2003, 09:08 AM   #7
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When you say Combat, I am thinking something with a power factor.

the difference in Bullseye and IPSC is dramatic and so is the way the guns are set up.
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"Police Combat Pistol Course and NRA Bulleye"

Not really a lot of difference between the two (in comaprison to the other games around).

That said I used my comped IPSC single stack gun for several years in both.

I'd buy the single stack target 9mm that S&W is selling and use it today.

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I switched from a 40S&W hicap 1911 to a S&W SW1911 in 45acp for USPSA competition this year. If you reload or plan to reload, I would recommend the 45acp. The 9mm is cheap if you'll be buy factory loads, but I'm not a real 9mm fan.....The 45acp does give you a major scoring advantage over the 9mm....he size of the hole. The 45 makes a nice big hole that is more likely to cut the line to the higher ring. As far as felt recoil, I personally find the 45 more manageable. It has a slow push versus the quick snap with the 9. I find follow-up shots quicker with the 45. These are personal opinions/preferences and others may disagree.
Old 10-29-2004, 10:04 AM   #10
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Missed the Mark on your original question

As far as pistol types....

Bullseye and longer range competitions = Government 5" model
USPSA/IPSC type competitions = Government or Commander model

You will lose some sight radius with the Commander model, but I find mine to have a more natural aimpoint and quicker cycling time. If speed is a major component of the competition, you may gain a slight advantage. With that said, I can't remeber the last time I saw a 1911 Commander model at an USPSA/IPSC competition (ruled by Govt models).

I love the Commanders, but use Government models in competition. For specific brands......I'd recommend a NRM Colt 1991 Govt or S&W SW1911. I have used both in competition with great success. The Colt has the edge on accuracy, but is a little tighter on tolerances so I must screen my reloads before competition (poor crimp or case bulge and the Colt chokes). The S&W has been utterly reliable. Given a choice of only one, think I'd be biased towards the "original" (Colt). Both are outstanding 1911s. S&W was more expensive, but had the "custom" features included. The Colt is less frills, but probably the most accurate out-of-the-box "mass production" 1911 I've fired. The only addition to both guns for compeition was an S&A Arched Mag Guide and extended mag release.

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