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Favorite plated bullet?

I want to eliminate the smoke of cast bullet lube, but don't want to spend big bucks on jacketed bullets for yet another caliber, especially a low-pressure load like the .45 ACP. This makes plated bullets look like a great compromise.

One brand claims to have .008 more plating than "Brand X," as well as being restruck; other brands have bullet shapes I like better, etc. I've sort of narrowed it down to West Coast and Berry's. Any thoughts on these manufacturers?
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I have no opinions on brand, but I do buy the cheapest $$.
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If I were trying to get away from the smokers I would give precision bullets try. They are supposedly cast from the same molds as laser-casts then coverd in some mystery black polymer (not moly). They are about the same price as cast bullets but no smoke and no led in the barrel. I had some given to me once by a friend and I thought they worked very well. I will buy some s soon as I shoot off the last of my laser-casts. Check them out at http://www.precisionbullets.com/

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Berry's is certainly the best in terms of quality. My results with the West Coast Bullets were mixed. The West Coast 200 grn Flat points did OK, but their 230 grn RN's were all over the place, velocity and accuracy wise. Won't buy them again. Currently, I am using a cast copper washed 230 grn Flat Point from National Bullet Co. and I like them. Much cheaper than the Berry's and have had very good results. Unfortunately for you, they do have Bullet Lube grooves and are lubed. That has not bothered me though!

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Been shooting Montana Golds for a bit over a year now and love them...

Good consistency in weight and velocity. Accuracy is great.

Check them out.

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Berrysare cheepest and best ive tried

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