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Ammo recommendations for G30 / G36

Anyone caring to recommend a G30 or G36 gun/ammo combination that I will not find overly punishing please do so.

The .45 ACP--especially in the aforementioned Glocks--is my first choice for ccw. However, I am not so sure that I will be able to I shoot it/them as well as I do the 9mm G17 and G19. This is to be my every day, everywhere gun.

As it stands,I am leaning toward the G19. That is, unless someone recommends a "pussy cat" ammo/gun combination.

Many thanks,

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Have you shot any of the .45 Glocks? I don't find excessive recoil regardless of WHAT ammo I'm using. I shoot cheap 230gr. roundnose ammo at the range, PMC or white-box Winchester, but my carry loads are 200 gr. +P Gold Dots. The +P stuff, while snappier than the slow-speed 230 gr. loads, are still not what I'd call abusive recoil. Very manageable and very easy to come back on target.

My .44 magnum S&W 629 Mountain Gun? Now THAT'S abusive recoil. :-?
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I would use a light 185 in a hydro-shock or something like that. Still a heavy bigbore chunk of lead. And RamJet is right, none of them have that much recoil.
Try the Winchester 210gr Silver Tip HP in your mountain gun. That is what I use in my mountain gun and I love the ammo. It still has the bad concussion with that little barrel so the hearing protection is a must but for most applications there is nothing it can't handle. I would rate the recoil to a medium 357 load. Also, does your mountain gun say 629 on the frame or 29? I have one from around 2002-2003 and it is stamped 29-4. 8)
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I carry 200 gr +P EFMJ, personally. I have found that the 230-gr +P JHP loads nosedive in the mag of my G36 (don't know whether it's pilot error or just that the gun's so light) and jam up 1/3 of the time.

So, I've stopped with the 230-gr +Ps. The 200-gr EFMJ runs about 960 fps out of the G36's 3.75" tube.
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I've also had better luck with the rounder ogive bullets in the G36, such as
the Golden Sabre (which I prefer the 185gr +p loading) or the newer Hydra-
Shoks. Abusive recoil? Naaaaaah. 8)
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The problem with the recoil and the weapon jamming like it does is that if you don't use them a lot you do not give the weapon a stable platform. In my 36 I have found that with the hot heavy recoil loads if I don't pay attention and get a very good hold I do not give the weapon a good platform and it jams. That is also the case with the Might Mouse Glock 10mm. My hands barely have enough room to hang on. That is why I suggested a light 185gr Hp like the Hydro-shock or something similar. I have been reading on some of the findings on HP performance and the CCI Gold Dots expand best of all tested from a slow velocity. The test was done from small short barreled pistols. Several of the other big ones like the Federal and the Winchester did not do so well. 8)
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I carry the Rem Golden Saber 230g for CCW in my G36. It isn't a "pussy cat", but is very controllable, not at all painful. I would think the lighter 185's would be even easier on the shooter. But consider this, would you rather throw "pussy cats" at a bad guy, or "tigers"?

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