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Ejected Brass Has Flat Side On Case Mouth

This is my first posting as a new member.

After being fired and ejected from my Rem1911A1 (1944) the fired case shows a flat side across the case mouth.If you would draw a straight line across the case mouth between 10 and 2 o'clock this is how much it is flattened. It then angles back to a point about 3/8 inch back toward primer end of cartridge.
I have been loading 230gr FMJ with 6.0 gr. Unique OAL is 1.255 in.(756 fps chronograph)and this did not occure using this load.
It started when I brought fps up to mil-spec 850 fps using 6.5 gr. Unique.
OAL is 1.255 in.
I have changed extractor (new) and it still flattens the case mouth.
Could it be that I need to replace main spring? Assuming that original
one has weakened and needs replacing. If so should I replace it with 18 or 20 lb. one? Need some recommendations from the board members

Reloader Ron[/list]
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The original mainspring in military 1911s is 16.5 pounds. Many people use 17-18.5 lb Wolff springs without problems, and I am one. I don't know about the 20lb spring in a 5" gun. That is the weight I use in my Combat Commander, and 230gr ball doesn't eject with any great distance in that, so I can only assume 20lbs would be a bit heavy for a .45ACP. FWIW, I use a 20lb spring and shok-buff in my 5" 10mm 1911s quite often.

As for the case denting problem, I can almost guarantee that it is the brass hitting ejection port upon ejection. That can be a combination of the extractor,ejector,recoil spring, and lack of flaring & lowering of the ejection port. Lowering & flaring is very common on most modern factory and custom 1911s, but was not standard on military guns and still isn't done on most Colts today. The ejection port is likely the biggest factor. My Springfield WWII repro mil-spec does the same thing, and the only thing difference on mine is the 18.5# spring I use. You said you had replaced the ejector. Remember, new ejectors do usually require tuning for optimum performance. It could well be a bit too long and cause the brass to kick out just early enough to ding the case on the port. Who knows?

Now I have a question... what is the condition of that Remington? Is it an original gun with matching parts and numbers? What is the finish like? I only ask because they are a bit less common than older Colts and such, so if it is in decent original condition, I, personally, would shy away from changing it too much. I am usually quick to upgrade any gun, but with the possibility of having a historically significant gun devalued from alterations... just asking.

Anyhoo... I know this was quite a winded response, and I may well be FOS, but I do hope it helped.

~Jim Keeney
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I agree, it is the brass impacting the lower edge of the ejection port. You might be able to file on the ejector a little and change its impact point on the brass. I really would not worry too much about the brass, such dings iron out nicely during resizing and flaring.
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Ejected Brass Has Flat Side on Case Mouth

Thanks to Jim and Stansdds for your inputs on my problem.
I will try to install a new Wolff 18.5 lb. spring first as it is the easyist to do,
before trimming the extractor. Will post results as soon as I can.
For Jim:
All the parts on my Rem 1911A1 are original but back in 1962 I removed parkerizing and buffed it to a high gloss. Then I applied a deep hot salt
blue job. It sure looks pretty and shoots good, but the collector value has
been compromized by so doing.
Reloader Ron
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In that case, Ron, shoot the snot outta that thing. I was just curious, but hey, it's not mine. If you are still bothered by the problem, it is a fairly small fix, and can be doen by any competent 1911 'smith. You will have to refinish the gun if you have the port lowered and flared, and that may well be the most expensive part.

Good Luck!

~Jim Keeney
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Touch up blue might be sufficient if you just lower the port and don't machine a roll over notch. Polishing and blueing the pistol pretty well turned it into nothing more than a shooter.

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