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Need a good factory load

I'm going to be going deer and boar hunting in a couple weeks, and I'm planning to take my .45 along. What would you recommend as a good hunting load? I've been thinking about Remington Golden Sabres, but I'd like to know what else is out there. Thanks a lot.

btw this is not my primary hunting gun here, I just want to be prepared.
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I don't know about .45 loads, but for next year you may consider purchasing a conversion to .460 Rowland. It provides .44 Magnum energies from a lengthened and strengthened .45.
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Also take a look at The .45 Super
Tactical Load is hard hitting and fast moving, but using the
stronger .45S brass, and loaded to +p levels, and should not
hurt your gun assuming it has good springs, and well made
to start with.
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Hello. In .45 ACP I've primarily used Hornady XTP handloads and had good results on animals from deer down. It is available factory-loaded as well. I've used the handloaded equivalent of their 200-gr. +P and the standard pressure 230-gr. At closer ranges and with accurate shot placement, these should be at least decent performers. The XTP usually goes to about 1.5 times its original diameter and has given complete penetration for me on broadside shots on deer.


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One of my own 'magic' loads is to pull the bullet on a Winchester Black Talon, and load it into .45S brass. Works
pretty darn well, but I cannot say if it is any better the
the Ranger T +p 230gr loading-probably not....
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I have dropped boars and deer alike with the 45ACP and a 9mm. My favorite round for the 45 is the 230gr Ranger T HP from Winchester and for the 9mm it is the 124gr +p+ Ranger T HP. They are very effective on boar and deer and down. People shoot a lot larger game with less firepower all the time, its called a BOW. Not my bag of tea so I will stick to the pistols, rifles and shot guns but the point is that the 9mm will hit harder than any arrow and do more damage so you can take most animals with it as long as you hit your mark. I would not recommend any larger game though. I also would not hunt something that can hunt me back with a bow so take it for what its worth. 8)

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