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.45 GAP - Glock's version of "New Coke?"

I don't know what everyone else thinks about the .45 GAP, but I just don't get it... It looks like Glock is trying to reinvent the wheel. There are so many outstanding defensive loads for .45ACP and the old warhorse has proven itself in spades over the last 94 years.

Some claim it helps shooters with small hands get a better grip on the pistol because the round has a shorter OAL than the .45ACP, but itseems like the two cartridges are so close in OAL that this is a moot point.

With the choice of .45ACP and .40S&W, the .45GAP seems like the proverbial "tits on a boar hog." What are your thoughts?
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Ya-to me it seems like a solution for a non-exsistant problem.
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Yeah, 45 GAP pretty much equals 40 S&W in my book. I just don't see the usefulness of this cartridge. I know the 40 S&W can't launch a 200 or 230 grain bullet, but the 40 is a very effective defensive round and I don't see the 45 GAP offering anything other than one less round in the magazine.
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Well there are people who really want the .45, and there is some value in having a slightly smaller grip. I doubt it will render the ACP obsolete anytime soon, but overall I think it is an improvement over it.
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Originally Posted by stansdds
.. I know the 40 S&W can't launch a 200 or 230 grain bullet,
How do you mean? My current 40cal game load is in 200gr.
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The .45gap May have a shorter OAL,But the Glock also has a wider grip,than the 1911...
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I talked to a security guard the other day who had been gun shopping, and he said that side by side the Glock shooting the GAP had less recoil than the ACP. Both were full size guns and he is an experienced shooter.
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The .45 GAP is definately a "niche" caliber. The new shrunk-down Springfield is an interesting idea for those with very small hands. Where I see the value of the GAP is in the fact that you can now buy a Springfield XD in .45 caliber! The .45 GAP Glock, with its heavier slide, leaves me cold. The XD on the other hand...this is the one gun in this caliber that may persuade me to try it.
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Here is my take on it though I will probably not get one. It make sence to me.

You already have guns made for the 9x19 length cartridge...the .40 Smith fits. You might as well have cartridges for all the doable diameters where bullets are available. The .45 gap fits so there it is, I do know that some singe stack guns will not work however. I do think I understood why they did it. I am kind of surprized that someone has not yet gone the other direction as well and made a .32 cartridge of the same overal length as a 9x19. I would probably not get one of those as well.

I see it as too families of cartridges. the long service auto and short service auto families of cartridges. All the same diameters in two overall lengths. 9x19, .40 Smith, .45 Gap/.38 Super-9x23, 10mm, .45acp-.45super. The long cartridges just have to potential for a bit more punch.

This is just my take on it. I am not always correct.

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