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Reloading target matches for HPPS

I am a beginner in the pistol reloading category. I have been using Hogdon powder for reloading match cartridges for my Kimber 1911 ..45 With a bullet mass of 200 grains (semi wadcutte)rand a necessary muzzle velocity of 835 psi for the matches, would anyone have an opinion on Hogdon vs Allliant vs. the Finnish product VhitaVouri? (Lapua Company)

I have put about a thousand rounds through this pistol; all kinds of charges, and have kept fairly careful notes. These were new rounds, though, and now I need to reload in order to afford the sport.

Thank you,

Oh, I know this post may belong in the Kimber forum but most of the posts I see there are complaints; not too helpful. I LOVE this pistol, and am consistently outshooting my NRA instructor boyfriend and his best friend also I like my charges a little hot and have no trouble managing the recoil, even though I have been shooting a Beretta 92 compact for 5 years. My father and grandfather did not put up with whiners.(.My fiirst handgun was a .357 magnum S&W N frame with deeply checkered grips. I would use it for a backup when deer hunting as a teenager.)
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Denese, there are so many powders that work well with a 200-grain semiwadcutter in a .45 ACP. I use Winchester's 231 ball powder and Alliant's Bullseye mainly because I have a large stock of them. I've used Hodgdon and Alliant powders a lot, particularly in the .40 S&W and 9mm. Hodgdon's HP-38 is a great powder that many have used for .45 ACP target loads for years and years.

Winchester, Alliant and Hodgdon all offer good online reloading data and other information.

I load the 200 grain SWCs at 1.255 inches overall and apply a good taper crimp. I use 4.5 grains of Bullseye in .45s with regular or extra-power recoil springs. That should get about 825 fps give or take in 5" barrel. Some go all the way down to 4.0 grains with a reduced-power "softball" recoil spring for bullseye shooting. I also use 4.7 grains of 231 in some pistols for a bit higher velocity.

VhitaVouri is somewhat difficult to find around here.
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My favorite load is 5.2 of WST for .45 with a 200SWC bullet..

my look at the brianenos forum under reloading..

what type of competitions are looking to participate in?? your subject line said that the high plains practical shooters at the Ben Lomend club???
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CLAYS works well under a 200 grain SWC.

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