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Whats a good frame to buid a 45 on.What is avaible ,out there. I am new to this and have to find information and a gun smith.
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Lot of good smiths, Dave Berryhill is one and he is a moderator here too boot. Springfield Mil Spec and WWII models make good base guns, if you just want frame, slide Etc. Caspian is the way to go.

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Caspian makes great receivers if you just want the receiver and nothing else. If you are looking for a complete 1911 that you can modify a little at a time, then look at Springfield Armory. Honestly, the days of building a nice 1911 for less than you can buy one are long gone.
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Or a Colt..... 8)
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Last year, a friend gave me all the parts from a Colt Officers Model, except the frame. I bought a Caspian frame with intentions of building my own. When the frame arrived, I realized that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

I contacted a retired armorer/gunsmith from my old department and had him put together a half breed Colt/Caspian. I tested it at 15 yards, using an NRA bulseye target. The first five rounds, fired off hand, were in the "X" or ten ring. The second string of five was a repeat of the first.

My buddy said that Caspian makes the best frames for what I wanted,

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This is probably a bad word with most of you guys but, the Essex SS Frames are pretty good. They're considered a Class A frame by Wilson Combat which puts it in the same class as their own frame and Colt. I have one that I built 16 years ago and it's still tight, no stretched holes, nothing out of spec. No alignment needed for anythng when I built it and it readily accepted all brands of parts with minimal fitting.

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