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Which 45

I do not know which 45 to use for work. I can carry what ever as long as it is factory with no modifications. So I have qaulified with the following SIG P220/ GLOCK 21 / H&K USP45 / Smith & Wesson 4506 and Springfield Mil Spec 1911A-1 . I love them all and they have all been great to me with no problems. I have thought about each one on how the mechanics work, which one will handle a hotter load, which one would be easier to provide accessories for and I have not come to make a choice yet. Any ideas are welcomed.
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USP 45 ... followed by a sig 220 ... or a USP compact 45 ... followed by a sig 245...
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Since your Lucky enough to work for a Sensible Agency/Department that allows Single Action Automatics, theres No reason to even consider anything Less than 1911s & FN-Browning High Powers.

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Bill Caldwell
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I was a policeman for over 30 years and carried different pistols through- out my career. Some were mandated by the department and some were not.

Working undercover I carried a Colt Combat Commander and was very comfortable with everything about it. The Department was issuing revolvers at that time. Later when the department issued S&W DAO autos, I carried a Sig P220. The Sig is a very fine pistol, too.

If I were still on the streets as an officer (and had a choice), I would pick the 1911 as my carry gun. The military used it with success for many years.

If you can handle it safely, shoot accurately, and like it...what else is there to stop you?


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