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.45 ACP Penetration

Can anyone tell me what will stop a .45 230 grain slug?
I built a backstop so that I could shoot on my property(I have 5 acres). I built a wall out of pressure treated landscaping timbers and backed it with a sheet of 1/2" marine plywood. The landscaping timbers are 4-4.5" thick.
I foolishly thought this would stop the slug.
Of 15 rounds fired, 3 went completely through.
I am thinking of mounting a steel plate behind the wood. Is this a good idea, and what thickness should I use?
I know that a 6 ft tall mound of dirt will solve the problem, but I am trying to avoid that.
Any ideas?
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Steel plate will stop the forty-five. Plate is very expensive and you need to angle it down to direct the bullet/fragments toward the ground and not back at you.

I don't know why you don't want dirt, however, if it is a consideration it has some positive points. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, easy to shape berm, less chance of a ricochet, easy to recover lead for recycle, easy to repair. Did I mention cheap?

I plan on putting my home up for sale in the next thirty days or so and building a home on property where I can build a range. It will be a dirt berm.

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Have you considered railroad cross ties?

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