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I know this has been debated way too much, sorry. Currently I carry a Glock 19 loaded with Georgia Arms 124gr +p gold dots. I am very good with this weapon both at the range and on the street. I was in a situation where someone had drawn a gun on me, I had my front site on his chest before he could bring his weapon up. LUCKLY he dropped it (turned out it wasnt loaded) and I did not have to shoot. Point is even under great stress I'm good with the weapon.

Problem is....I don't know if I fully trust the 9mm. I know it is a proven round but when I think about it, if both a 9mm and 45 can get to vital organs such as the heart and I can handle both then why not shoot the one that has a larger diameter which is able to cause greater blood loss.

Should I consider switching, and if so what is a good 45 handgun? I love glock but I dont really like their 45's. Or am I just paranoid, just stick with what I have.

What brought this on was some of the posts by David DiFabio in wich he had pics of expanded 45 rounds which I found impressive.
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Hello. If you don't trust your nine and feel better with the .45, you might very well consider getting a pistol in that caliber that you can shoot and like. I have and am happy with both.

There's nothing wrong with making a change if a change makes you feel more secure.


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I agree with Stephen. You are only outgunned if you miss. Better to have a gun in a caliber you can hit with - if that caliber is .45, great.

I'll say it again - a hit with a 9mm beats a miss with a .45 ALWAYS.
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I feel your pain. All this 9 vs. 45 stuff was hurting my head. So I got one of each. I figure which ever one I feel most comfortable/confident with is the one I'll use. The bizzare thing is that I carry the .45, but keep the 9 next to the bed. I guess it means I'm comfortable using either if I have to.
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Confidence and mindset are really very important, if it will possibly improve your C and M I would reccomend you rent a .45 and try it, if you shoot it as well as your 9mm then switch.

If you decide not to switch I wouldn't worry either.
The difference in wound cavity between a good 9mm round like the GA and a good .45acp from GA or something comparable will require a microscope to discern.
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I feel that Hi-Cap magazines are over rated for self defense use. Thats why I stay with the .45 ACP for me (I'm LEO). I will sacrafice number of rounds for the big guy. Just my thoughts.......
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Maybe the all the hearsay is just drilling too deep into my head. After so many years of hearing people insultthe 9 maybe it's getting to me. Bullet technology has come a long way way. I may be better sticking with what I can use effectively.

I'll rent out a few 45s but I'm not going to worry too much about it. I'd never sacrifice accuracy for caliber.

David DiFabio:
I'm very impressed with all your testing. I love people who test for themselves. I will be shortly (getting a higher paying job that allows me to). Have you done testing on the 9mm as you have on other calibers? If so it would be great to hear the results.
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I know its expensive but, why not buy a Kimber or Springfield 1911 in .45 and experiment with it? I carried a Glock 19 for six years (settled on 147 gr Golden Sabers) than took a chance on a 1911 to see what all the raving was about. I was glad I did!

I find the 1911 is simply easier to hit with. You may get only one shot at a bad guy. I want a pistol which makes firing that one shot accurately as easy as possible.

I have more confidence that a heavy 230 gr bullet will penetrate deeper than a lighter bullet (except hot 9mm ball). I know bullet construction is supposed to equalize the calibers but, I haven't seen this play out in my wet newspaper testing.

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I do indeed have an ewnourmous amount of 9mm info.
I have been tsting the 9mm since 1986.
I have been intending to post a series on the 9mm but demand has been pretty low, honestly most guys on this site seem to be 1911 and .45 bond, not that that is a bad thing.

And I really just do not have the time right now.
Once things get more normalized I will be able to resume my detailed postings.
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No problem, I'm patient :smile:

Think I'll go rent out a 1911 and see how I like it. I don't know much about 1911s. Any suggestions on which ones to try?

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