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Old 04-10-2002, 03:22 AM   #21
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.......Where is the Firing Line--I would like to see some of these cracks...
em, try http://www.thefiringline.com
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Old 08-07-2002, 06:24 AM   #22
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I like the Sig 245. Where do you live? The Glock 36 holds up well in hot humid climates. 8)
Old 08-17-2002, 10:17 PM   #23
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You really, really need to shoot some of the pistols you've named, and those others have named in this thread, and decide for yourself. You're seeing firsthand how people's opinions and experiences can easily vary.
My 2 cents ...

If we're restricting this to just Pistols ...

Got my first Lightweight Commander about 71-74. Worried about the aluminum frame. Couldn't wear it out, but worried about it anyway, so I traded it for a steel Combat Commander. Still got it ...

Went through bigger & littler Colts ... still got some ... Sometimes it's like owning a British car or a Harley, though, because most Colts & clones generally seem to require a little more interest and owner/shooter involvement in their upkeep and maintenance. I've still got some replacement parts out at the bench I'm going to install on one of them ... when I get around to it. I do have to admit, though, that when one is set up "just right" by a smith that knows the business, there aren't many more no-nonsense, straight shooting, easy handling pistols available for serious shooting.

Got a Ruger P-90. Ugly, big, blocky ... reliable as the atomic clock ... still got it ...

Turned down a $200+ bargain on some import called a BDA in .45. Wish I'd gotten it ... Not because I think they're that great, but it was a turning point for European design with the US market in mind. Shot some good later SIG's, and some so-so ones ... never again felt the urge to get one ...

Liked a HK P9S .45 I carried on loan for a while. Accurate. Period. Ahead of its time with polymer composite frame. Didn't like it enough to buy it, though ...

Had a Star PD. Carried it a lot. Always worked. Suspect the aluminum frame wasn't as good as the early Colts. I was lucky, I guess. Wish I still had it ...

Shot a lot of Glocks. Still do, from time to time, at work. Don't care for the grip girth, grip angle, trigger or magazines.

Got a couple S&W .45's. 4513TSW & a CS45. Great little pistols. More accurate than I care to think about. Reliable as my Ruger. May find something they won't feed and fire someday ... then again, the way they've always functioned, maybe not ...

Going to get one of the SW99 .45's when they're certified and released a little later this fall ...

How can I recommend a specific .45 to you, when I can't seem to settle on any one, or two, myself? :roll:
Old 08-18-2002, 01:43 PM   #24
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My first issued sidearm was a Browning Hi Power, issued by the Royal Aussies in 1969, which I carried for about 6 years. I then upgraded to the Smith & Wesson 59 which I carried for many years. Next upgrade was the 4043, then I arrived in the US, and bought a Sig p220 and have carried one since. For deep cover, I carry a Sig p245. I recommend these weapons from personal experience, they are reliable, well built and do not break very easily.

The Glock is a very well built weapon, but not one I would personally carry. The only other contender in my person recommendation is any of the 1911 clones. most of the other makes have problems recorded by the many gunsmiths I know, many of which I have identified in my working with guns. If you want to rely on it, get one of the top 4 makers weapons.

Old 09-14-2002, 06:00 PM   #25
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I carry a PT-145 with Federal 200 gr. EFMJ +p. It rides in a smart carry.
True DAO trigger.
10+1 capacity.
6" long.
Light and very concealable.
Accurate for PD purposes.
No cracked frame after 1,300 rounds. Been flawless. Very safe.
All I could ask for.
Have a USP 45f and still carry the PT-145. I will use the USP 45f for home defense as soon as I get a UTL, otherwise the little Bull stays on my night stand.

I have never seen or heard of a pistol this size and weight with the capacity of 2,530 grains of .45 ammunition.

Best to you.

Old 09-24-2002, 09:33 PM   #26
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Well, roland, I'm sure we all would like to know what you got. I would have voted for the P245 or a Ltwt. 1911 format, depending on what YOU felt better with.
Old 09-27-2002, 04:32 PM   #27
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The Sig P245 in a fobus...uh, this one! :lol:
Old 09-27-2002, 08:42 PM   #28
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m14nut, you might want to check out www.Comp-Tac.com for a great kydex rig. I've tried a bunch, and there's none better - in my book, at least.
Old 10-09-2002, 06:14 AM   #29
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All I can say is that I am very pleased with how may Taurus PT-145 Millenium carries. Not to mention 10 rounds of .45 ACP in a small pistol. Bought mine new for $399 and very pleased. Whatever you choose will be the right choice for you. It's your pistol, just be happy with it.

---Best of luck to you
Old 11-25-2002, 05:30 PM   #30
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As many have said and I will say it as well is " Whatever you pick don't forget the most important thing is to practice. Find one that fits your hand and almost becomes part of your arm. Then shoot until the cows come home and start all over again.

My choice after many, many, many tries is a CZ97B. To me it has all the stated above and I have shot many thousands of rounds with no problems at all. My number two priority is RELIABILITY, if my gun does not go bang bad things will happend.

As stated, with the proper gear you can carry just about anything. I carry my 97B under a polo shirt all year round here in Arizona and no one has noticed.

So find one you like, that fits, and go have a good time!!!! :D

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