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I like my Colt Defender
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45 acp concealment

The Glock 30 is a great conceal weapon. It is a bit"fat" for some peOpleS GRIP. the misconcepton with the 45 is 2nd rnd target aquisition. With a relatively low muzzle velocity, the 45 acp's "kick' is maInly from the torque of the round. tourque, through rules of physics way over me, has les recoil than muzzle velocity. for example; I also have a glock 23, 40 cal, preferred round is a 165 gr. (IT IS THE WEAPON AND GRAIN THE FBI CARRIES. THEY ARE THE FBI.THEY CAN TAKE THE EYE OUT OF SOMEBODY HOLDING A HOSTAGE AT SEVERASL FEET IF NEED BE. tHE SECRET SRVICE CARRY SIG SEMI357'S I BEIEVE WITH125 GRAINS AND ARE ALSO MARKSMEN. PROBABLY HAVE SHOT OVER 250,000ROUNDS.)remington saber. my glock 30, I fire a 230gr remington saber. both HP. I can fire a tighter group, with a little less time, about 3 seconds, firing 10 rnds out of each weapon. Hmmmmmmm?
Also, in defense of my favorite handgun calibur: you have an assalant breaking down the front door. on the table in front of you lies a glock 30, 45/260 gr, glock23 40 cal/165gr and a 9mm 125 gr or whatever the preferred round in those bb guns.OOPs sorry, no prejudice. Each weapon has one round in it, door is aprox10-15 away. Which weapon do you pick up?
I won't answer that. don't need to. I rest my case.
FYI. ....Most civilian gun battles are between three and seven feet. Usually no more than four rounds from each weapon are fired. Statisticaly, if you shoot 100% on the range in preferred stance, preferred grip,or unless a seasoned law enforcer or seasoned vet, your accuracy, at the most falls to 20%. That is a fact. studied it in war college, U.S.M.C. Quantico, Va. I was with the 3rd MarineExpeditionary force/hostage extraction splst.
I have my own security co. ALL employees in mid-east right now. so I have time now to train people to protect your homeOr just fire/handle/cleanmostly handguns I also have a Mossburg590 that hold nine rnds with one in the tube. and a surefire flashlite....buy one, the best!in a kit i installed at the end of the pump with about a 5' strip along the pump that is off/on. Nine rnds of OObuck just under my bed. A keltec380 usualy in front pockect in a spl. made holster so holsterstays in, 380 comes out. or around my ankle. That takes a lot of time. Kind of like cross drawing. I do have a carry permitand am invlved with homeland security. just getting the bal rolling for involvement on that. Anyway, could write all night-won't finish by saying go to range, shoot with week arm. laying on your side if possible, reloading. And aiming for area with most mass. And never turn a light on . You know your house assailent doesn't . Buy a little surefire with end bump switch. use the old FBI method to aquire your target if necessary. Hold the light as far away as you can from your body. Have at least 60 lumens and they will be temp. blinded, probably freak out, start firing. Usually not down. get into prone or lower(matter of seconds here). You now know were they are, you also see their muzzle blast. DO NOT hesitate. DO NOT speak and give away your location advantage. Remember, this probably isn't this guys first time. you fire at least three rounds into the largest mass. Wait a few minutes. it will seem like an eternity. In your home you DO NOT need a permit, or on your property. If legal, get one. You are not paranoid. Just keep it to yourself and/or people you don't mind telling . You need a minimum of 500rnds fired. Then at least 100 a month.Back to bad guy;Get some of those real thick sinch cords like on cop shows where they need to secure multiple bad guys. Tie hands behind his back, then his legs. If you can,loop a tie over his leg and hand ties(thi is mundane point if you killed him. Not until you have him 100% incompacitaed do you call 911. Keep your weapon pointing at assailant until he police arrive and they will probably handcuff you. It is routine until tey get the situation cleared up. it's OK and take you to the station for processing. you wil not go to jail, but I recommend an attorney. His/her family may press civil charges. should not cost yoo over 400.00 dollars . if that is unaffordable, ask to have a state attorney apponted.
Guess what? you and your babies, your loved ones are ALIVE and somebody, I wish they would die, is probably spendind life in jail. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!

D Allen
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The SigSauer P220 carry model is the best you will find. :P
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carry gun

Roland, I honestly don't know if this will help you. But, I wasted money on a Springfield Micro (another story). I was complaining about it when approached by a much older X police officer (I am only 32 no police experience). He explained that all I needed was a slim gun and length doesn't matter. Out of my 13 1911's (all full size). I carry a Kimber CDP 1st gen with a Milt Sparks Versa Max II (it's an IWB). It isn't the most comfortable but it is more than bareable. I do believe it is the most comfortable of all the holsters I have tried. I am 5' 9" 170 LBS. I can conceal the full size in blue jeans with only a t-shirt. Know that to pull this off I do a lot of pull-ups in order to make my lats push the shirt out over the gun rather than drape over the gun. And, yes, I use only t-shirts that fit me correctly. Should you take the 1911 path please consider a full size (it might just save you some money). I think you will find them more comfortable to shoot, easier to grip correctly on draw, and not at all any less concealable than a smaller 1911. I hope this helps. I spent a lot of money on a lot of gimmicks till I found what worked for me. None of my friends ever believe such a small guy can completely conceal a full size in a t-shirt till I show them.
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Gotta roll with M. Hall on this one. A full size COLT 1911 in stainless, tricked out to your taste. Anything else is a copy.......
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I carry an HK .45C

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