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This is my second post, did not say "hi" the first one, so hi everyone. I would like to get a .45 carry gun, but don't know what to get. Springfield ultra compact? Glock 30/36, Taurus pt 145, Ruger p97? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful. I know, I know Kimberkid. KIMBER!
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This isn't too technical an answer but I don't think it needs to be.

Carry the gun you feel most confident in. You have shot all these guns right? If you haven't find people who own them and shoot them or buy them and shoot them before deciding on carrying the gun. If I were to carry a gun, I would be carrying to protect my life and the lives of the people connected to me. I would want a gun that I shoot well is 100% reliable in my mind, and puts the largest bullet I can handle into the target, and is legal for me to carry.

With all those rules one gun will fit and that is my lack of a gun. (It's dammed hard if not impossible to get a CCW in NJ)

When I am able to move I will carry a colt 1911 in .38 super. It meets all my above criteria. When I get more proficient with a .45 I will consider that option. As for a non 1911, I haven't found one I could shoot very well besides a Ruger Mark II .22, which would make carrying a 1911 a better choice. As for glocks they feel like cheap pieces of plastic to me and I can't stand them. I know others who are FAR better shooters than I that can't praise them enough and think of a 1911 as a Jam-o-matic and wouldn't trust them for carry.

It's all about personal preference. What do you want to shoot? Pick the gun that is comfortable to shoot, you are confident in, and you can carry it comfortably.
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Everyone has different tasts and preferences. The best I can do is tell you what I have carried in just over 30 years of handgunning.

I started carrying on and off duty in Dec' of 1973 upon graduation from the academy. As soon as I got off probation I switched from the required revolvers to 1911s in 45 ACP. My duty gun was a MK IV Series 70 Government Model. My off duty gun was a '70 series Commander (aluminum frame). The model and caliber stayed the same (although I came to prefer pre-1970 Colts) until retirement when I quit carrying the Government Models except to compete in practical matches.

After 26 years of 1911s the third Commander frame cracked and in disgust I gave up on customized Colts. Since then I have carried either the Glock 21 or Glock 30. Am setting up a Glock 36 now for when I need maximum concealment.


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For a *carry* gun that you'll want to keep strapping on every day, you'll want two things: light weight, and slim profile. In addition to 100% reliability, corrosion resistance, and tritium sights, of course. You have to decided if you want a full size grip or not. I personally like getting my pinky on the grip, but adding a Pearce grip helps for the shorter frame guns like the officers size and the G26/27/36.

Best value and a great gun: G36 (need only nightights and Pearce grip)
Best gun once nightsights are added: Kimber ProCarry stainless
Best ultracompact 1911 w/ all bells and whistles: Kimber CDP
Best wildcard: S&W J-frame airweight revolvers. At 15oz to 11 oz (empty), you forget they are there.

Since 1995 my carry gun has been a custom Delta Elite (gasp!)with 175 grn STHP's. I have a custom lightweight commander in the works, though.

Of course, a carry gun is only as good as the carry method. I love my Kramer IWB holsters, but have several other holsters depending on the occaision, weather, and clothing.


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I`m a 1911 kind of guy,But I bought a Ruger P97D and it is a very fine pistol.It shoots sub 3 inch groups and has not jammed yet.All I have used is harball ammo so far.But after I break it in I will try some hollow points.The trigger is superb,both single action and double action.And for just over $300 you have a very fine handgun.It`s not pretty but who cares as long as it goes bang and you hit your target.
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See if you can find a SIG 220 or 245 to try. You may just like them.
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Roland: Welcome! Hey, this whole "which gun should I carry" thing is a can of worms. I do have one small bit of advice that might actually be relevant though - please remember that there is a difference between a gun that is really good to carry and a gun that is really good to have if you ever need your carry gun. I have legally carried everything from a beretta jetfire in .25acp to a 3" .44 magnum revolver to a 10mm colt delta elite and lots of stuff in between. The thing is that what feels good and comfortable for carry is not always what you would want if you ever need the gun for real. I carry a full size steel 1911 and it is no harder to carry than a glock 27 IF YOU HAVE A GOOD HOLSTER AND BELT. I'm 5'11" and I carry a 1911 in an IWB with just a polo shirt over the top, never been pegged yet. If you want a light, good, reliable carry gun then I say get a glock 19 or a USP compact .40 and slap some night sights on it and you're off to the races and well armed at that. These, and a bunch of other guns, are really good pieces of gear. My trouble is that I don't shoot them as well as I shoot a 1911, so I carry a 1911 instead. Is it a bit more of a pain in the ass? Yes. Will I be on my knees thanking the heavens that I had it if I ever need it instead of something lighter that I can't shoot as well? Damn skippy I will be. I don't know what you shoot best and what will fit your hand; only you can decide that stuff. Me telling you what I like along with everyone else is just us telling you what works for each of us. My point is that I want you to carry a gun that you can shoot really well with; because you just may be in a position to save my life or my kids life with it someday; and I want you to have the deck stacked in your favor before that happens. Anyway, I'm sure you'll get some good advice here. No matter what you decide on - PLEASE, get a good holster and a belt (don't forget the belt, without it the holster can't do it's job right) and practice with whatever you decide on.

Again, welcome to the board. I haved learned a lot here, there are good folks on this board; I am sure you will enjoy it.

Good shooting

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What I carry depends on the season:

Hot, shorts weather: P-32

Mild, light jacket weather: G23

Cold weather or anytime I can use a heavy covering garment: 1911

This all depends on your carry method of course. I happen to hate IWB holsters and fanny packs so carrying anything but a pocket gun in hot weather is out for me. I also do not like walking around with an untucked shirt. When wearing a sweatshirt of sweater or light jacket, the G23 is fine. If I have on a heavy coat or other big outer garment, I will use the 1911.
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".... one small bit of advice that might actually be relevant though - please remember that there is a difference between a gun that is really good to carry and a gun that is really good to have if you ever need your carry gun. ....comfortable for carry is not always what you would want if you ever need the gun for real." Ditto. Shoot some action sports or a high quality training course with any gun you want to carry. You will find out what does and doesn't work.
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Im with you on deciding which .45 to go with. I have been tossing around the ideas of a G30 or 36, Witness compact and Charles Daly DDA. So far the G30 has the lead. I havent had the opportunity to shoot the G36, Daly or Witness so I've been going by what alot of guys have been posting on different forums. I am gonna try all these weapons out before I buy one to see which one fits me best. I was hot on buying a Taurus PT145 but the polymer line that Taurus is putting out is full of defects. Alot of cracks and the rivets are breaking. So I will stay away from the Taurus polymer line for now.

Do some shopping and try to shoot as many models as you can and make the choice on which model fits your bill best. Be patient and find the one that you will have confidence in.

By the way, Hello everyone from a newbie on this forum.

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