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9x23 Brass

I am putting together an IPSC race gun which will probably be chambered in .38 Super, but I am interested in the 9x23. I know that the 9x23 has some advantages over the Super, but has been largely ignored due to higher costs and a lack of cheap brass. Is there a supply of reasonably priced brass out there? My options are: 9mm Major, .38 Super, and 9x23. I can easily get brass for the first two, I'm a little worried about 9x23.
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define reasonably priced?

At the moment there is more Winchester 9X23 brass available than any one person could afford and plenty of Starline Super Comp not exactly the same thing but available.

I've heard it said that Winchester does seasonal runs and brass may not be available from time to time. I've always been able to find bulk (2M) Winchester brass new at prices in line with my expectations.

Once in a while I get a buy from somebody who maybe lost their only customer - I've bought as cheap as ten cents a primed Winchester case but usually paid much more -

I'd not worry about the availability but it will be pricey, you get what you pay for front or back as somebody here said.

I wouldn't shoot 9mm Major myself and if I thought 9x23 had an edge I'd spring for the difference for competition. For carry which I do the price doesn't really matter does it?
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Winchester 9x23 brass is not hard to find. Most places sell primed for about $165.00 per 1000. The brass seems to last and last. For light or moderate loads I use Starline brass @ $103.00/1000.

I really don't shoot very hot loads now, but I would use Winchester brass if I were going really, really fast.

The Todd Jarret (.38TJ ?) has developed a case that is almost the same as 9x23 and you can get brass from Hornady.

Good Luck, Buddy
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Mr Gammon

Please Check out http://www.starlinebrass.com/ they are making several Cases that you are looking for

9x23 = 9supercomp / 38 supercomp / 38 TJ
one of the main things to remember about these is that
they all are a Little Different, but they are ALL rimless
unlike the 38 super which is a semi rimmed case..
and this is where there has been a lot of trouble with
the loading of them in the high cap mags,
But for a Single Stack gun the supers are great....

Good luck on your project...
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The best price I could find for WW 9x23 is $180/1000 from Wideners which is too much. I am only going to load to IPSC major witha 125gr bullet. Of the Starline offerings, which type is closest to thw WW 9x23?
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They call it the 9mm Super Comp or something similar, but the cases are marked 9x23, too.

Do you live in Louisiana?

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No, I live in the Boston MA area.

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