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jonsidneyb, I really don't know what bullet weight was used or how their brass will last at that pressure. The article mentioned the bullet weight (I think it was 124) but I do not remember for sure.

I have experimented with the 9x23 loading 124,130,135,145, and 147 grain bullets in lead, jacketed, JHP, and plated. I have found a few loads that I am fond of and most are relatively mild loads. I have a few pieces of brass that I kept up with for a while and I purposely loaded them over and over to see when they would fatigue. It didn't happen after eight or nine loadings and I am sure they have been loaded at least two or three times since and still nothing. I couldn't tell them from any others at this point, but I have had nothing that failed. I use Starline and Winchester brass.

Both of my 9x23 pistols (one Colt and the other is a Springfield with a EWG bbl.) seem to prefer a faster load to get accuracy when using 124 grain bullets. I tried some 1000 / 1100 fps loads and they didn't group worth a darn. The groups seem to get tighter as the bullet speeds up. Starting at 1150 to 1200 I notice the groups getting smaller. I don't know if it is the powders, bullets, or barrels. I use many different powders and bullets and have not found a slow load I like, using 124's.

The 145 and 147's I load are the accuracy champs. I am always looking for a good load that produces accuracy. If I carry a 9x23 for defense, I use Silvertips.

I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, I love the 9x23.

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[ Anyway, if Baer, Wilson, Springfield, Kimber, or Glock would build a 9x23 it would get plenty of print.

OK, I'll quit crying.


Les Baer does offer a 1911 pistol in 9x23 - it's their Premier II model. The problem is, and it's one that's been touched on previously, that because it's priced at around $1800.00 that eliminates a huge portion of the market. As mentioned earlier, Nighthawk will make one for you but you would have to automatically add an additional $200 to a pistol that already runs in the neighborhood of $2100 - $2400 depending on the model. (Not to get off on a tangent, but I find it interesting that Nighthawk offers 9x23 as a caliber upgrade but not 10MM.) I think even Nowlin would be willing to build one; at least they still make barrels in 9x23. In fact, they did make some for Ground Zero Int'l, if I remember correctly.

The harsh reality, at least in '06, is that if you want anything chambered in 9x23, you'll most likely have to have it built unless you stumble across a Colt or Springer. I searched high and low for a Colt and eventually found two. They were both Series 80 guns, which gave me pause, and the asking price was over $1200.00 for one and $1450.00 for the other. I figured I could have something made for a little bit more and have it built with everything I wanted. It is a Caspian-based Commander-size pistol. The build is in the very early stages but I will post pics when complete.
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I think you made the right decision. When you have a custom gun built to your specifications; you can have everything you want put on it.

I have the Colt Series 80 Enhanced and I have not been completely satisified with it. I am going to have Bo-Mars, Bar-sto bbl., and a trigger job done to it. After everything is finished and broken in...hard chrome the receiver.

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Originally Posted by buddy_fuentes
I think you made the right decision. When you have a custom gun built to your specifications; you can have everything you want put on it.

I have the Colt Series 80 Enhanced and I have not been completely satisified with it. I am going to have Bo-Mars, Bar-sto bbl., and a trigger job done to it. After everything is finished and broken in...hard chrome the receiver.

There was just something about the Series 80 that really made me stop and think. That, along with the prices, ultimately convinced me to take another route. +1 for the Bar-sto barrel and hard-chrome.
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I am not sure I understand what you are saying. If you are trying to qualify your earlier post, that is not necessary. Everyone has a right to buy what he feels best meets his needs/wants.

I bought the Colt 9x23 (NIB) for $700 or $750 a couple of years ago. It is a good pistol, but it still needs some work to make me happy.

I bought a Springfield 9x23 in Feb. '06 and it is a real joy to shoot. I have two, yes 2 frames being built into 9x23's. One will be a Commander length and the other will be a 6". I have put them on the back burner for now; I have found some other toys I am interested in, so they can wait a few months.

Yes, I knew Les Baer builds 9x23 pistols. I have three of his .45's and am very happy with them. Like you said, they are expensive and you can have a custom built for about she same money.

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The only thing that has to happen for the 9x23 to become a success if for Winchester to decide they want it to be a success, then invest in it by putting the ammo out there. They would also have to convince handgun makers to put the guns on the shelf at the same time.

The problem is they made a half assed effort to do that with the Colt and SA guns and it failed (miserably).

Not only do the guns have to be in the cases, and the ammo on the shelves, but the magazines have to be exciting people about buying one.

In other words - don't hold your breath, but consider yourself enlightened...

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So basically, if I want a decent 9x23, I'm looking at a thousand dollars and up for a customized weapon. Alas, are there no 9x23s to be had for the common man ?
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A 9x23 can be had from a number of different sources and they do not have need to be strictly custom money, though they are more pricey than commercial grades.
Check with Dawson Precision concerning a STI. SVI can be had though they are very costly, well according to my checkbook.
I think there are a number of good smiths that can do conversions to 9x23 without a lot of bells and whistles and have them perform well. It would be good to investigate if the smith has personal knowledge of this caliber as it is not a usual conversion.
Dawson did a ream of a Trojan barrel that I am happy with and I have been very happy with his service in general, though I am considering a 9x23 from BO-MAR.
Price is a very subjective conversation. Buddy allocates more than some for his FIX though I am sure that he spends no more than many/most on their hobbies, check with boat owners. My wife would flare if she understood the investment I have involved and I am not finished.
You will be happy with any money spent on a 9x23 as it is a good weapon in a good caliber.
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I saw a Nowlin CDT Commander on the Internet that seemed the perfect package (at least for me). I contacted Nowlin and it turns out the frame they use is from Dawson Precision. The price was $2500. Now, if I can just win the lottery...
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Noticed something interesting today while on Corbon's website. Apparently they are getting ready to offer a 9x23 Win. loading in their DPX line of ammunition. By the looks of things, it doesn't appear that they are available yet. The site lists it in the DPX section but gives no ballistic information and you can't click on it to get pricing, order, etc. If the pricing for the existing DPX line is any indication, a box of 20 will, unfortunately, be pretty spendy. While this is a small thing in the world of shooting, it's a BIG deal to the 9x23 crowd. I can't help but wonder if this is yet another step in the round gaining popularity. I can't imagine Corbon introducing this round if they didn't feel the demand existed.

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