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I am on the band wagon of a possible new name, possibly 357 auto? Everyone associates the 357 with man stopping, car stopping, heck anything stopping power, couple that with auto in the title and it may take off with the joe shmoe's.

On another note, I really want a 9x23, but military paychecks don't really give me the huge budget for custom guns. I have seen threads on changing various 10mm's to 9x23, but not alot of details. I have a couple of S&W 10mm's laying around. Anyone think it is feasible to convert one to 9x23 for a reasonable price? What issues should I think about for a possible conversion?
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Sportsman's Warehouse just discontinued Winchester 9X23

Sportsman's Warehouse just discontinued Winchester 9X23 ammunition. Oddly they marked it UP from the previous shelf price - I'd guess the ammunition was shelved at the price when first stocked and intervening increases were applied and then discounted for discontinued bins?

For my money more pressure tested loading data in one of the major manuals - or even just from Barnes for their all copper bullets would be enough to encourage me to shoot more. As it is I load plinking and range loads and carry Silvertip.
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Don't forget that you can take a bone stock ( 1911) 9 mm or .38 Super pistol and have a 9x23 bbl. fitted. Heck, you could probably buy a drop-in barrel from Jarvis, Nowlin, or some of the other bbl. companies.

The 9x23 is no is just a good pistol cartridge. You can get into one cheap, if you already own a 9 mm. If you find a used 9, your on your way for a few $$$ more. Just add bell and whistles later.

The resulting pistol would be a way to own the 9x23 without busting the budget.

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I was also tossing around converting a 5906 since they are plentiful and cheap, under $300 for one in great condition. Somebody told me I really needed to use a platform with the length to accomodate a 45 or 10mm.

Was I told wrong, will the 5906 work for this purpose?
Old 07-23-2006, 03:40 PM   #35
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Yes, you need to have a receiver length of .45 acp or .38 Super. You have to use Super magazines, the 9 mags have a spacer in the rear for the shorter cartridge. A 1911 in 9 mm will work because it is the same size receiver as the forty-five and the Super.

As stated before a 10 mm Glock will convert with a barrel change.

Good luck, Buddy
Old 07-26-2006, 10:05 PM   #36
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Has anyone ever heard of an EAA Witness in 38 Super being converted to 9x23 ? I don't know much about the Witness accept the price is right. However, you generally get what you pay for with respect to firearms.
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I am looking into getting a 9x23 barrel for a 9mm 1911 I have. We already offer several loads in that caliber. The actual results reports I've got from a friend overseas are very impressive. I will convert this and hopefully it'll be reliable so I can carry it. Not sure which load I would use in it yet. The PowRball round has shown GREAT promise!
Old 07-28-2006, 03:15 PM   #38
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9X23 is slower than the .38 Super with the DPX from Cor Bon

9X23 shows 100fps slower than the .38 Super from Cor Bon with the DPX. I wonder what the loads and especially the internal ballistics are like? Does the increased capacity of the .38 Super make up for the presumbably lower pressure? I suspect the DPX takes up space in the case more like a heavier weight lead bullet?

I wonder if the best of the .38 Super combined with long loaded 9X19 in race guns and oddballs like the .38TJ will combine to leave no place for the 9X23 to grow?
Old 07-28-2006, 07:19 PM   #39
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Lookin back over these replys...not much I can add. Possibly this might be of intrest to some...9x23 is the only brass that can stand up to the hottest loads for the .224 Zipperer,and that's Winchester 9x23 . 38Super Comp won't do it... Regular 38super brass is useless for the Zipperer givin' up at around 1300fps. Split a9x23case ..38Super Comp case....38Super case, miles of difference in the inside taper. If You want 9x23 performance ,it's got to be Win 9x23.

Mike, most new 1911 9mm barrels can be chambered for 9x23. No need to look or wait for a 9x23.
Bill Caldwell
Old 07-28-2006, 08:48 PM   #40
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Mr. Bill, I don't know if you picked up on one of my threads, but you were on the money when you told me I could shoot 9x19 (9 mm) in my 9x23.

You can't tell that the pistol is a 9x23. I even tried the super magazines and they worked, too. Point of impact is a tad off, however not enough to be of concern out to 15 yards.

The rear sight on my Kimber 9 mm broke so I decided to see if I could get reliable feeding on one of my 9x23's. That sucker hasn't missed a beat.

The Kimber now has a Bo-Mar and some competition for a spot in the range bag.

Thanks, Buddy

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