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I must have missed something(which is fairly common for Me) in your Post. Far as a season gamin' goes.....In single stack, limited ten or limited,You can't make major no matter how hot You load the 9x23. Unless You are one of the really great pistol shooters,...shootin' minor helps You be one of the last ones to visit the prize table. I learned this the hard way at the Florida open. My limited gun is a 40.....Carry is most of the time,a 9x23.
Far as losin' 9x23 brass goes....I load 38 Super comp brass for pratice loads. Runnin' 38Sc. thru a9x23 resizein' die or thru some 9mm. resizein' dies changes the outside case demensions to 9x23. Super Comp cases can be loaded to 9x23 velocities....Primers will let You know when You get too hot. Every 9x23 I can remember buildin' will shoot 9mm. 9mm can be loaded to major velocity and that gets You close enough to9x23 to pratice with....take classes with .....or shoot lost brass matches with. Long loaded 9mm 147gr. flat point loads work thru most mags.
Bill Caldwell
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gaming here means IDPA or equal non-affiliated 3 gun fun -

Gaming means IDPA or equal non-affiliated action pistol or 3 gun fun - my carry gun is a 9X23 with a thistle from our host - not nearly so experienced as many here but over 60 myself and by the pricking in my thumbs something wicked this way comes - old age. Not a chance of getting as bad as Skip Talbot say but something I'm aware of.

I'd feel good about shooting my actual carry rig which is 9X23 and a GWH with Silvertips in the action matchs - which aren't necessarily training but are good trigger time and a social activity like ground squirrels or prairie dogs. I'll give myself a dispensation to shoot what's convenient over the long haul.

My game gun is a Wilson in .45 ACP with Alessi ACP - I think the GWH and ACP make a good pair just as I think the PCH and CQC or CQC-S make a good pair.

Just like the trap convention against chasing hulls on the ground - but policing the ground - I prefer not to agonize over the brass - I used to lift my head to watch the hulls fly instead of following through. 45 brass seems to show up better on the ground - there are fields where the family owns the field that I find some from last time and leave some on the ground for next time every time I go.

As you may recall I also use a dedicated Service Ace conversion with a Briley bushing at your suggestion for amusement and I have a true 9mm barrel for the 9X23 - but that leaves me feeling slightly the gamer - which I may well be.
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Originally Posted by grendelbane
I have been using Power Pistol, and love most of its attributes, except for its flash. I think I will try VV3n37, having heard good things about it. I am also willing to enertain suggestions for other powders.

I am also willing to entertain suggestions for another bullet. The Remington 124 JHPs don't hold together too well at those velocities.
I like VV 3N37 even though it's kind of pricey compared to other powders. Good groups, extreme spread numbers, velocity, etc.

Have you tried AA#7? I've gotten good results in the 124 and 147 grain bullets with Speer Gold Dots and Hornday XTP's. Little to no flash, meters great, and very little deviation in velocity from shot to shot.

Oh, also... unless you're pushing the Gold Dots above 1500 fps you don't really need that 357 Sig bullet. The 9mm GD holds together surprisingly well... it's still hanging in there long after the xtp has shed it's jacket and fallen to pieces. That said, I really like the 124 xtp's at 1450 fps... and their 147 grain xtp's at 1300 fps.
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Has anyone tried using the new 125-gr. Barnes XPB in some 9x23 loads? Over 6-7 grs. of VV 3N37 or 3N38 would seem to make for a fantastic SD load. I'd guess this would even outperform the Corbon DPX??
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Being the CRB that I am, I did not try 3n37. the Hodgdon Longshot was cheaper, so I tried that.

So far so good. Mostly, I have concentrated on 10mm, since Hodgdon has plenty of data for that cartridge. I can't find too much about any one using it in 9x23, though.

I have fired a few rounds working my way up to their top end .38 Super data. Much less flash than Power Pistol. I think I am going to like it.

Any one wants to share any 9x23mm loads using Longshot I am listening.
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Since I started this thread, I thought I'd throw in a reply that might get conversation started up again. I haven't posted in a while because I sort of gave up on the 9x23 and bought a Steyr M1A 357 SIG. It's a fine weapon, and the 357 SIG comes close to 357 Magnum ballistics, but I still do Internet searches for the 9x23. BUL, the Israeli manufacturer does 9x23 in high capacity 1911 clones (poylmer frame, chrome-plated or blue steel slide). I actually called Israel and practiced the little Hebrew I know. (Thank God they found someone who spoke English). The only importer is Charles Daly, but all they bring in is 45 ACP and soon 9x19. I called Charles Daly and asked if they ever considered 9x23, and of course they said no. Is there still enough interest out there in a manufactured 9x23 (not modified 9x19's or 38 Supers) to flood Charles Daly with inquiries about a 9x23. I'm guessing the price would come in under a $1000. The other BUL models are around $750. I didn't see an Email address, but the phone number is 1 866 325 9486.
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Re: How's the 9x23 doing ?

I own a Witness in .38 super (Same frame as the limited class but produced before the limited class was available)

The sights were installed so that the gun hit very low no matter who was shooting it. The EAA representatives insisted that this was caused by the differences between California where I live, and Florida! In what world does that make any sense????????? Still, they insisted that guns sighted in in Florida would always shoot low in California and that this was therefore not their responsibility. ???????????????

So, EAA customer service and other service are questionable at best. Their "custom shop" might be better but after the California vs Florida explanation I haven't been willing to give them another chance.

I recently had a theft (they got into my gun safe) and would love to purchase a new .38 Limited Class for conversion to 9x23 as a replacement. I'd love to have a 9x23 Limited Class with an additional 6" 10mm slide assembly. But, EAA has not had the Witness approved for sale in California under the new laws. Even if they do get the Witness (Limited Class) approved, my confidence in the is severly tarnished. A custom shop 9x23 with a 6" 10mm extra slide assembly from the "hunter" requires a lot more confidence in the manufacturer/importer/custom shop than a plain box gun.

The 9x23 Winchester is different than all other 9x23 cases. It is MUCH stronger. This cartidge must use rifle primers as the maximum pressures exceed those that can be safely contained by pistol primers. Winchester claims that this is the strongest case they manufacture. A cross section of the 9x23 WIN case compared to a .223 military case reveals that it is indeed EXTREMELY thick, even for a rifle case!!! The strength of the 9x23 WIn case does not require full support and therefore allows a more accomodating feed ramp. Shooting very high pressure .38 super rounds in a 9x23 chamber that is not fully supported could easily lead to case ruptures.

I'm looking seriously at Kimber and Taurus. But, Taurus has little potential for modification. I'm hoping that reaming the .38 chamber to 9x23, polishing the breechface, tuning the extractor and installing a heavier return spring will provide excellent excellent reliability for 9x23.

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