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louishob2 02-28-2006 10:14 AM

How's the 9x23 doing ?
I just read an Internet article about the 9x23 that was written in 2003. I have become intrigued by the possibility of a high capacity semi-automatic with 357 magnum ballistics. How is the 9x23 cartridge faring ? Is it gaining in popularity or floundering ? I can find no production guns in that caliber. Everything seems to be custom. (A cost problem for a husband and father supporting a wife and three children.) Could an EAA full size 38 Super Witness be modified to safely fire this round ?

eerw 02-28-2006 07:51 PM

Unfortunately it is not growing in popularity...

no one makes a gun for it...

most 38 supers or 9mm can be adapted to fire the cartidge by either replacing the barrel and fine tuning the extractor, etc.

louishob2 02-28-2006 09:09 PM

It is indeed unfortunate that the 9x23 isn't gaining traction. Duplicating the 125 grain 357 magnum stopping power with less muzzle flash and felt recoil is a remarkable achievement. It would seem to be the perfect round. The case of the 38 Super won't take the needed pressure and the 357 Sig doesn't have the magazine capacity. Does any one out there have an explanation for the 9x23's lack of success ?

jeffzeitlin 03-01-2006 01:25 PM

I for one am starting a build project for a 9x23 government sized 1911 starting with a Mil-Spec 38 super Springfield. I would contemplate that the lack of popularity comes from the fact the 38 super fills the need in competition. For ccw though I would expect people just don't know about it and those that do need to build a custom / modified firearm. Both are a lot more work than just stepping up to the counter and purchasing your ccw. I for one was looking extensively for one of the Springfield factory 9x23 guns. I found a Colt 9x23 but the price was out of line compared with starting with a base 38 super and modifing it. What is need is some more magazine articles about the vertues of the 9x23 and some at least limited production runs from Springfield & Colt etc. That is my 2 cents.

eerw 03-01-2006 07:10 PM

It is too bad..that this cartridge hasn't found its popularity..

there are a lot of guns that could run the cartidge..

Springfield, Kimber and Colt could all make gun from what they have now..

Sig could make one off the 220 frame, just like the 38 super they used to make.

Glock could make one off the G20 and G29

Smith could make one off the DK38 super, the 940, the 686 38 super, and the 8 shot 627.

EAA..has the Witness in 38 super.

just think..if all these makers would tool for a run of 9x23..maybe the ammo makers would make us a 115, 124, and 147 loadings..

then maybe someone would make a cool carbine to run 9x23 in...that would be cool too..a 16" barreled M4 style carbine with a 30-35 round mag...

oh...guess I was day dreaming again..

jeffzeitlin 03-02-2006 10:55 AM

I guess tha question I wish to pose is: What can we - the users of 9x23w - do to make it more popular and happen?
Reloading data in an orginized fashion would help -
A summary on the carttrige - like Danes is good.
Maybe a more hands on how to do information would help.

A question to ask is : why is the 38 super so popular?
Just my 2 cents

louishob2 03-02-2006 08:57 PM

Actually, I stumbled upon the 9x23 researching the 38 Super on the Internet. I think there is a market out there for a high capacity semi-automatic that approaches the 357 magnum. That was certainly what I was seeking in the 38 Super, high capacity and better ballistics than the 9x19. We seem to have a chicken and egg problem going on here. The 9x23 won't be in demand until reasonably priced guns are available. Manufacturers won't produce these guns until there is a demand. I guess we need to get a "Dirty Harry" type character to carry a 9x23 in a big budget Hollywood "shoot-em-up". The 9x23 would need a hook in the movie like the 44 magnum had in "Dirty Harry". Maybe it could be "the best manstopper this side of a 12 gauge".

JetPilot 03-03-2006 12:10 AM

There is in fact a weapon being built currently in 9x23. I know, I just had one built for me by Nighthawk Custom. It's a Talon 5" in 9x23. It's a nice weapon and runs perfectly.

I also have Nighthawk's in 9mm and 10mm (as well as several in 45ACP) so I have a lot of experience with their 1911 platforms in "alternate calibers." After shooting the 9mm and 10mm Nighthawks quite a bit I knew they could build a great 9x23 and they did exactly that for me.

The 9x23 is not just an outstanding cartridge, it's a great match to the 1911. I just wish there was more factory ammo available for it. I will not do ccw with reloads so factory loaded ammo is a must for my ccw use. If the ammo selection was better, there would probably be more interest in the caliber. But it is a chicken and egg deal because I'm sure the ammo manufacturers are waiting for more weapons to be chambered in 9x23 just as the firearm amnufacturers are watching the ammo availability before making the weapons. Now if they would just get together.....

I have carbines in several pistol calibers and I would absolutely be an instant buyer for a quality built carbine in 9x23 if somebody ever starts doing one. That would be a great carbine set up and the velocity would be pretty darn zippy from the longer barrels I'm guessing, hehehe.

louishob2 03-03-2006 08:08 AM

Dare I ask ? Are we talking above or below a thousand dollars ?

eerw 03-03-2006 12:32 PM

take a peak..


most of the 9x23s will be a custom/small shop affair..
you might be able to find a Springfield or a Colt. if so ..those should be well under a thousand..but anything coming out any shop will be over $1000

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