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Loading for the 9x23

I am about to finish a 9x23 comp gun and need some info on reloading this caliber. I have a supply of WW 571 that I will use for starters, but will then need a new powder as 571 is no longer made. What powder will work best for IPSC major loads with a 125gr jacketed bullet? Also:

1.Which brass, other than WW which is just too pricey, is best?
2. Which dies work best; I have been unable to find 9x23 dies from my usual sources.
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Old 06-27-2006, 05:17 PM   #2
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I have two 9x23 pistols and they are not compensated, therefore I am not sure which powder works the comp better. I know that many used Winchester Action Pistol (WAP) in the 9x23 pistols and that powder has been discontinued...don't cry! Ramshot Silhouette is the mirror image and I have found it to be very good. I also have found success with V V 3N37, H6, H7, WW 231, and several others.

There are several manufacturers that load 9x23 in Starline brass. Must be pretty good or they would not take the chance.

Your are right, Winchester brass is too expensive, but if you are running maximum or close to it, Winchester is worth the extra margin of safety, I think. I use Starline brass for most of my everyday loads. I don't load very hot and the Starline brass does just fine. When I load something hot, Winchester.

Good luck, Buddy
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I have several sets of dies that do say 9X23 on the box but

I have several sets of dies that do say 9X23 on the box, they were so expensive that when I saw later chances to buy some cheap I went ahead and bought but it shouldn't be necessary to pay a great deal.

RCBS frex shows the same die sets by number at http://www.rcbs.com/default.asp?menu=1&s1=4&s2=11&s3=97 for
9mm Luger /9x21mm / 9x23 Win/356 TSW
3-Die Carbide Set Taper Crimp - 20515

Assuming a Dillon I would suggest Dillon's dies for 9X19 properly adjusted and so forth. A search on this board will show several very knowledgeable people making suggestions for dies including use 9X19. As always with pistols I like a 4 die set-up myself.

If you think WW is pricey look at Lapua - although Lapua is more like the .38TJ - I do think WW is worth it and if definitely not going to use WW then I might choose .38TJ or some other cartridge entirely. I'm inclined to say use WW or why bother.
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When I first started loading for the 9x23 I used Dillon 9 mm dies that were adjusted for the 9x23. I was in a gun shop and one of the employees was selling his 9x23 pistol, holster, brass, dies, and a couple of boxes of loaded ammo. I bought the micro adjustable dies for $30.00, if I recall correctly. Anyway, they are no better than the 9 mm dies I was using.

Don't fret, use the 9 mm dies.

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9mm dies work great..I used a EGW undersized Lee sizing die and the rest is from my Dillon set..
had the Redding set and the RCBS set..no difference..

for powders I used 3n37 with good luck..nice consistency, no secondary burn in my EGW gun.

I pretty much used WIN 9x23 brass..just because..but it tended to get lost before cracking or failing.
Old 08-08-2006, 07:41 PM   #6
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I use 9mm dies on an XL650
125 gr HAP/IMR 7625/Win case and Starline9SC/SRP

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