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Would someone please tell me what a 9x23 is.According to my measurments the case is the same length as the .38 super,am I wrong?
Looking at balistic charts,the 9x23 is quite superior to the .38 super.
Are they interchangeble?,if not what are some of the other difference's.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.Thank you .
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Re: Clueless

You will want to check out the 9x23 pages on Dane Burns' website.

Here's what little I know:
  • 1. 9x23 and .38 Super cases dimensions are quite different especially in the diameter just ahead of the extractor groove. Also, the .38 Super is a semi-rimmed case while the 9x23 is a true rimless case. The 9x23 case tapers from the base to the mouth while the .38 Super is straight.

    2. Many 9x23 chambers will chamber and function with .38 Super rounds depending on how loosley ot tightly they are cut to factory specs.

    3. 9x23 factory loads operate at rifle pressure levels. It is a very hot round.

    4. The 9x23 is totally awesome! Full house Winchester factory loads are like lasers without the rainbow trajectory of a .45 and without the torquing, twisting recoil of a .45.

    5. The major downside to the 9x23, from my perspective, is the lack of published reloading data in the major reloading manuals like Hornady, and Speer. Recently, I've been experimenting with 125gr lead bullets and Bullseye powder. I'm getting excellent accuracy with no pressure signs using somewhere around 5.6 gr of Bullseye. More work to be done though.

    6. As compared to the .45, the 9x23 noticeably louder producing a distinctive CRACK as the round breaks the sound barrier. It is, after all, a .357 Magnum being launched out of a 1911.

Hope this helps a little. There are many, many more knowledgeable people who contribute to this list and I urge you to take the time to read all of the postings on this subject.
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Hey Steve,
Just wanted to say Thank You.Your information was quite helpfull.
I am a big 10mm fan,& don't think much of the 9mm Luger.
I just seen some balistics on this round & found it very interesting.
Again Thank you for your knowledge,& feed back.
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I have been a die hard .45 guy since my first days with Uncle Sugar more than 30 years ago and am but a recent devotee of the 9x23. I like to see BIG holes in my targets. I have spoken face-to-face with John Ricco, the inventor of the 9x23 and the admittedly anecdotal stories he told me of the effectiveness of the round on ground hogs and the penetration of the round against kevlar pushed me over the edge to actually have a 1911 chambered for the round.

I have not been disappointed. It is very, very impressive.

However, the 10mm is no wimp. The mathematics show that the 10mm has more down range energy that the 9x23. I would think the trade off is that the 10mm kicks and jumps more than the 9x23.

Of course, in a self-defense situation, caliber is the least important factor. Bullet placement is paramount and anything bigger than a 32 ACP should get the job done.

The way I see it, I will be well served with either my .45 (big holes with or without the use of trick bullets) or my 9x23 (serious penetration and .357 Magnum ballistics).

Click here to see some pics of my 9x23.

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