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9x23 question.

OK fellas, I need some definitive "YES" or "NO" answers. I discovered tha Reed's Ammo makes some 9x23 LARGO (their words, not mine) ammunition. I contacted them, for clarification, to see if this ammo could be used safely and reliably in a pistol chambered to 9x23 WINCHESTER. Their response was "YES", Largo could be used in a Win. pistol but not the other way around. Is this, in fact, the case? I would be willing to purchase some of their 9x23 ammo if I could be assured that it would not damage the gun or user. They make a 124-gr. Golden Saber loading that would make a great practice, or even carry, round. Incidentally, I inquired about the ballistics on all of their 9x23 offerings and the numbers aren't too shabby, even for Largo.
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I've used 9x23 largo in my 9x23 Winchester pistols without a problem. 9x23L isn't as hot a round as the 9x23W, so I assume it is safe to use the 9x23L in my 9x23W pistols, but not vice versa.


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